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7 Secrets Disney Doesn’t Want You to Know About Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean entrance at MK and Minnie Mouse

Pirates of the Caribbean is your quintessential Disney attraction. It’s in both Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park and Disneyland Park; it has touches of Walt Disney himself, it’s full of intricate details and cutting-edge audio animatronics, and it has an original song that earworms itself into the minds of everyone who rides it. RELATED: TRIVIA: How Well Do You Know ...

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Walt Disney’s Housekeeper Died with an Amazing Secret

Split screen - Young Walt on one side, grown up Walt on other

Throughout his life, Walt Disney taught all of us to live our dreams. He passed that belief on to everyone around him, and it continues to live on through Disneyland and his final dream, Walt Disney World. The Housekeeper Disney was also incredibly generous to those around him, none more so than the Disney Family’s live-in housekeeper, Thelma Howard. But Howard’s ...

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Disney Heiress Abigail Disney Arrested

Abigail Disney

Walt Disney was the mastermind behind our beloved Disneyland. It’s hard to say if he knew the impact his ideas would have on the world even after he passed away. His company, The Walt Disney Company, went from a small animation studio with a cartoonist who had an idea to now one of the largest companies in the world. From ...

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Lesser-Known Disney Road Trip Landmarks

Beyond the Parks Road Trip Feature

It is generally known that there are so many Disney-related tributes for fans to visit worldwide. Some of the most obvious examples are rides and various other attractions that make up the scene of beloved Disney Resort destinations. But for the adamant Disney fan looking to get as much as possible out of everything Disney, there are numerous other sites ...

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