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Fans Furious After Disney+ Enacts Controversial Policy Change

Disney Plus Movies

Since announcing their merger, many eyes have been on Hulu and Disney+ to see what major changes they would add to their streaming platforms. Now, as the platforms enter 2024, a new policy change has been made that has left fans feeling less than thrilled. In fact, many fans are pledging to cancel their subscriptions due to their intense frustration ...

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WARNING: If You Share Disney+, Disney Is Coming For You!

Disney Plus Password Sharing Warning

The Walt Disney Company, just like Netflix and other streaming services, is wise to password sharing. However, Disney once had no problem with family and friends sharing passwords and access to the streaming service. But those days are gone now… In a few weeks, starting in November of 2023, Disney will begin its crackdown. Related: Disney’s Summer Surprise Comes to Disney ...

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