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Disney’s Newest Short Is a Love Letter to Animation

Walt Disney

Disney is bringing all the love in a soon-to-be-released short. This year, The Walt Disney Company is celebrating 100 years of business. For 100 years, Disney has shared their passion for storytelling with fans worldwide. The company is known as a pioneer in the animation industry, creating beloved characters that live on forever. Walt Disney is known for his first ...

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Fun Facts About Walt Disney’s Favorite Princess


In honor of World Princess Week, we’re exploring one Princess in particular that was quite special to Walt Disney. It almost feels wrong to say that Walt Disney had a favorite Princess as if he didn’t love all of his creations. But for many reasons, Cinderella (1950) became a fast favorite of the mogul. Cinderella was released in 1950, the ...

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The Real Reasons Mickey And Minnie Wear White Gloves

Split screen of Mickey Animations - one side he wears gloves, the other, he is not

For almost 100 years, Disney has been bringing beloved characters to life, thanks to the magic of animation. What began as only a two-dimensional endeavor has been broadened to a three-dimensional approach, thanks to computer animation technology that literally allows animators to “create” characters–down to the look and feel of the characters’ fur, hair, clothing, and more. Credit: AwesomeOKingGuy/DeviantArt But ...

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