A Teacher Just Shared a Controversial Disney World Hack That Has Fans Divided

Birthday Button Teacher Hack
Credit: @rocketcityteacher, Canva

We love a good money-saving Disney World hack, but one of the latest hacks making the rounds on social media has fans divided.

There are several free souvenirs that Guests can pick up around the Walt Disney World Resort, including items like Park maps, stickers, and celebration buttons. Disney has celebration buttons for nearly every occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, family reunions, and even just general “I’m Celebrating” buttons so Guests can fill in their own phrases.

One teacher recently took to social media to share the hack that allows her to take home celebration buttons for her entire class. Still, for fans, it sparked a heated debate over whether or not it is okay to stock up on this free Disney souvenir.


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Leslie Aguilar, or @rocketcityteacher on TikTok, shared that she picks up the buttons by going to a gift shop that offers them at Walt Disney World and asking the Cast Member for enough to give to her fourth-grade students on their birthdays (or half birthdays for the kids with summer birthdays).

The concept seems sweet, and Aguilar is certainly has good intentions, but some fans were quick to reply to her video with disappointment of concern over the fact that sometimes Disney perks come to an end when Guests take advantage of them.

Take a look at her video below:


If you visit any Disney parks for summer break, don’t forget to get your next class a set of buttons to give on their birthday! I will do half birthdays for those with summer birthdays. They are free. Ask any cast member where you can get FREE birthday buttons and they will direct you. I got mine at a gift shop at Animal Kingdom. #elementaryteacher #disneyteacher #freeteacherstuff #birthdaygift #birthdaybutton

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Commenter @lynsey_h90 was quick to reply, “And this is why they take stuff out of the parks! Abuse of free items is sad!” The original poster responded to this and multiple similar comments sharing that she did not simply take the buttons but rather she asked a Cast Member for them.

Theme parks do have a history of losing free perks when Guests take advantage of them, but teachers stocking up on celebration buttons has been happening for a number of years, it likely was just not being shared on social media. One of the recent changes that took place at Walt Disney World however after Guests were found taking advantage was the “free t-shirt” hack for Guests who had been dress coded. Previously, Guests had been given shirts if they arrived at the Parks out of dress code, but the policy changed when TikTok trends arose showing Guests attempting to get free shirts purposefully.


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For all of the backlash against Aguilar’s button hack, a number of commenters also expressed gratitude for her making sure that each of her students would have a way to celebrate their birthdays. Some even noted that teachers are not given funds for classroom supplies, so it was thoughtful of this teacher to find a way to still get some birthday magic to her students.

Celebration buttons are available at Walt Disney World in most merchandise locations, Disney Resorts, and at Guest Services locations inside the theme parks. If you have any questions about the buttons, Cast Members will be happy to help!

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