The Disney Legends Fail No One Is Talking About

The 2022 D23 Expo has officially come to a close. As Disney fandom swarmed Anaheim, California, The Walt Disney Company dropped news of what’s to come for its Parks and Resorts across the globe, as well as favorite panel moments such as the star-studded list of Walt Disney Imagineers and celebrities becoming Disney Legends.

Disney Tips was fortunate enough to be in the Disney Legends panel. The Disney Legends took to the stage one by one to receive the prestigious award, including Ellen Pompeo, Rob’t Coltrin, Patrick Dempsey, Doris Hardoon, Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Chris Montan, the deceased Robert Price “Bob” Foster (received by daughter, Debbie Swenson) and Chadwick Boseman (received by brother, Derrick Boseman).

Credit: Disney

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Along with the incredible list above, Frozen (2013) and Frozen II (2019) voice actors and actresses were awarded as Disney Legends, including Jonathan Groff (Kristoff), Kristen Bell (Princess Anna), Josh Gad (Olaf), and Idina Menzel (Queen Elsa).

With so many cheers (and even a few tears), Disney fans filled the D23 Hall with noise in support of the 2022 Disney Legends award recipients. But, as the panel came to a close, Disney wanted to go out with a bang. SO… queue the music!

But, to the audiences’ surprise, Disney brought on stage the incredibly talented cast from Disney’s popular film Encanto (2021). The crowd went wild as the cast started to sing “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.”

Credit: Disney

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While this may seem perfectly normal to some, we believe someone in the Disney company slipped up, and we, for one, caught on to the mistake very quickly.

Here’s the deal. Disney likely thought, “how do we end the Legends panel with a big impact?” Then, someone likely said, “well, the Encanto cast can sing because they are at D23 anyway for an Encanto panel!”

We get it – go big. BUT… not when the Frozen cast is the primary focus of the Disney Legends ceremony.

Credit: Disney

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What some may not know is the iconic “Let It Go” song from Frozen was actually bumped out of its chart-topping records by none other than Encanto‘s “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.”

Whoever thought ending the Frozen Disney Legends panel with the Encanto song that stomped on Frozen’s record-setting music either meant it as a joke or simply didn’t do their research.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s creation of “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” replaced Frozen music, becoming the most popular song from a Disney animated film since 1995. The popular Encanto song surpassed Frozen‘s Oscar-winning hit “Let It Go” as the biggest Billboard Hot 100 hit from Disney’s animated filmography.

Ouch! A big Disney Legends fail that was seemingly missed by most… but not by this Disney fan.

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