PHOTOS: The Party Every Disney Fan Needs To Put on Their Bucket List!

Just like Walt Disney World, partying isn’t for everybody. But for Disney lovers who enjoy cutting a rug and celebrating, this party is totally worth experiencing at least once!

New Year’s Eve is a bit of a divisive holiday. Many people have a hard time deciding how to spend it. Going out to party and dance at a club or a bar is a classic choice, but it can be boring or uncomfortable if not planned out well. Staying in with friends is cozy but can induce major fear of missing out when you see everyone on social media timelines and dashboards, partying in crowded clubs.

So how to decide what to do? Visiting Walt Disney World is always a good idea, even during an uneventful time of the year. So visiting Walt Disney World on New Year’s Eve is the perfect way to celebrate!

Between Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT, there’s plenty of celebration to go around for New Year’s Eve. However, Animal Kingdom closes at the usual time and doesn’t include any fireworks or loud dance parties, so it might be the best Disney Park to visit on New Year’s Eve for more introverted Guests.

Over at Magic Kingdom, Guests flock to watch the nighttime spectacular fireworks show and attend a couple of dance parties. Hollywood Studios has quieter fireworks shows and countdown celebrations than Magic Kingdom, making it a good choice for those who are in-between on New Year’s Eve celebrations.

But for those who want to go into the new year partying, EPCOT is definitely the place to be. Many of the World Showcase pavilions are dance parties complete with DJs, special lighting, and other special effects. Each dance party is unique, and there’s a classic countdown at the end of the night too!

Over in the China Pavilion, there’s amazing special effects such as balls of fire and a Chinese dragon spitting smoke.


Since EPCOT is such a large Disney Park, there’s more room to accommodate the big crowds during New Year’s Eve. Check out this photo from the Japan Pavilion, showing off the brilliant lighting!

The Italy Pavilion includes a stunning light show and a dance party as well!

In short, EPCOT hosts the New Year’s Eve party of parties. No matter where you go in the Park, there’s something to do.

When you’re visiting Walt Disney World, there is always something to celebrate!

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