The Romantic Spots in Disney World You May Be Overlooking

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Walt Disney World Resort may be the closest thing to a fairytale dream come true on Earth. And because fairytales are all about romance and inspiring ideas for living happily ever after, it isn’t any wonder that there are just so many charming and romantic locations making up the Disney World scene. Some spots are relatively obvious, like all those areas right around Cinderella Castle within Magic Kingdom Park that serve as perfect photo opportunities. Various designations throughout EPCOT’s World Showcase are also known for their romantic charm and appeal, including the France and Italy pavilions.

But just as there are so many more widely regarded romantic spots throughout Disney World, there are also several somewhat overlooked locations as well. These quaint and unassuming areas often go unnoticed far too often. Yet they can be counted as some of the most romantic spots at Disney World, sometimes owing to the fact that they are far more secluded and often uncrowded due to their underrated nature. Here are just some examples of the most underrated romantic spots throughout Disney World.

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EPCOT Gardens

EPCOT is home to so many lavishly beautiful gardens within the various national pavilions comprising of the World Showcase. Yet surprisingly, these areas aren’t very often the first places most folks consider when seeking romantic spots to spend some quiet time. From the Victoria Gardens gracing the space within the Canada Pavilion to the charming Butterfly and Knot Herb Garden housed within the United Kingdom Pavilion and even the tranquil Koi Pond onsite at the Japan Pavilion, these are all subtle spaces that provide intimate, unassuming settings.

Three Gardens in EPCOT World Showcase Pavilions

Lazy Rivers

Disney Water Parks probably don’t rank very high on the list of romantic places for couples to spend time exploring. But they probably should, considering Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon both feature lazy rivers at each location. Blizzard Beach boasts the impressive 3,000-foot-long Cross Country Creek, while Typhoon Lagoon presents its stunning 2,000-foot-long Castaway Creek. Either one offers romance-seekers a peaceful, scenic experience perfect for leisurely floating about together without a care in the world.

If you happen to be staying at either Disney’s Beach Club Resort or Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, then you also get to enjoy exclusive access to Stormalong Bay—a three-acre aquatic wonder that too features a lazy river. Even if your Resort does not have something similar, many Disney Resort swimming options feature at least one quiet pool designation onsite. And spending time with your other half swimming at one of these locations can be an equally romantic experience.

Lazy River at Castaway Creek

Credit: Disney

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Liberty Square Riverboat

Believe it or not, even certain rides and attractions throughout the different Disney Park locations can be considered romantic. And one ride based in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom Park is particularly romantic. No, I’m not referring to the Haunted Mansion, although there’s no denying that displaying faux fear when riding alongside your other half in that Doom Buggy may give you a fun reason to cuddle! I’m specifically talking about that lovely, leisurely Liberty Square Riverboat. Also known as the Liberty Belle, here’s your chance to sit back and relax for a 17-minute scenic ride along the Rivers of America onboard an authentic paddle-wheeler, no less. Sure, you’re likely to have to share the experience with other passengers, but given the spaciousness and opportunity to move around and spread out, it’s never too confining and always a romantic excursion.

Liberty Belle/Liberty Square Riverboat

Credit: Disney

Aboard a Rented Pontoon

In continuation with the idea of romance out on the water, many other boating opportunities are also available at Disney World, including Friendship boat rides, water taxis, and even Vintage Amphicar tours at Disney Springs. But perhaps one of the most romantic on-water excursions is a boat ride outing for just the two of you. And you can do just that by renting out a private pontoon from many different Disney Resort marina locations. You can even time it just right to be out in time for an evening nighttime spectacular, taking in unobscured views alongside your love.

In addition to motorized boat rentals, over at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, there also exists the opportunity to go canoeing and kayaking. This may also be of particular appeal to some adventurous couples.

Pontoon Boat Rentals

Credit: Disney Dining

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Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

There’s no doubt about it that this is the most low-key ride within the limits of Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom Park. But what many folks fail to realize is that it can also be a rather romantic one. Let’s review; you’re in your own private car with your honey, high above, overlooking the rest of the Park from a most unique aerial vantage point, moving along at a smooth and comforting slow pace. How is that anything but romantic? And if you take the ride at nightfall, the views somehow feel more romantic!

The PeopleMover

Credit: Disney

Tom Sawyer Island

Once you get past the part about being ferried over on a raft along with a bunch of other folks, you’ll find that this interactive, explorative island in Magic Kingdom Park can be a very romantic place to visit. Because it is a self-paced endeavor, you and your other half can take as long as you’d like checking things out and going at your own unhurried pace. It’s big enough that you will never feel crowded out by other Guests who may have had the same idea. It’s a peaceful escape with various locations to stop and sit awhile at as well.

Tom Sawyer Island

Credit: D23

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An Aerophile Balloon Ride

Did you know that you can actually go on a tethered hot-air balloon ascent over at Disney Springs? While this recommendation may not suit everybody’s unique interest, such excursions are surprisingly high on several folks’ romantic to-do lists. But do note that these aerial ascents are open for others to join in on, so unless you luck out, there are no guarantees that it will be a private experience for just the two of you.

Aerophile Hot Air Balloon at Disney Springs

Credit: Disney Springs

PizzeRizzo Balcony

This may very well be one of the best-kept secret scenic spots in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. What’s more, you hardly ever think about a quick-service pizza place as being a romantic site. But that upper-level balcony at this less-busy part of the Park is indeed a quiet and serene spot to sit awhile at. With an ever-present gentle patio breeze blowing in (and fans overhead) even on the hottest days, it is a pleasure to be at. And the surrounding Muppets Courtyard section of this Park is so far removed from the bustling, busier Park areas, offering optimal relaxation and private time for you and your dearest.

Two Images, PizzeRizzo and the View From Balcony

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Kilimanjaro Safaris in the Evening

Many different locations throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park make for surprisingly romantic spots to explore. Several folks have discovered for themselves just how romantic the Tree of Life can be, for instance, as well as all the surrounding trails. But perhaps you never even considered just how romantic Kilimanjaro Safaris can be when you take the ride at sunset. It really is a whole new experience, with the pending night as your serenade and your other half taking in all the enchantment by your side. Even if others are along for the ride, it feels more private, romantic, and wondrous somehow.

Animals on Kilimanjaro Safaris at Night

Credit Disney

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Your Resort’s Beach

Don’t forget about the romance awaiting you back at your very own Disney Resort, especially if you’re staying at an accommodation that sports a sandy beach. While swimming offshore is strictly prohibited on Disney property, spending time on the beach, just the two of you never is. And it can be one of the most romantic low-key pastimes. Even an impromptu grab-and-go dinner on the beach can be a charming pursuit. And if you’re staying at a location like Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort or Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, many beachside locations there offer optimal vantage points for viewing the fireworks over Cinderella Castle. And then there’s that classic Electrical Water Pageant passing by every evening as well. And it feels like they’re putting on a private performance made just for you!

Polynesian Village Resort Beach at Night

Credit: Disney

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Did any of these less-obvious romantic locations throughout Disney World come as a surprise to you? Remember, varying tastes and interests among vacationing couples may lead to even more alternate considerations and recommendations on where to find romance. But truth be told, just about any Disney World-based endeavor holds the potential to provide you with the right amount of romance fit for any fairytale visit.

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