Thieves at Walt Disney World – AGAIN…

Festival of Fantasy Parade at Magic Kingdom
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Disney lovers are some of the best people. Most Disney fans are there to have a great time; they respect other parkgoers, and they’re generally on their best behavior.

But there are always a few that spoil it for the rest of us, and Guests at Walt Disney World are no exception.


Credit: Disney Tips

A cheeky couple was caught climbing into a fountain at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort to steal coins donated by Walt Disney World Resort Guests. You wouldn’t believe what the redneck couple were doing; you can read it here.

Other Guests donated these coins with wishes made at the fountain.

But that’s not all that’s been stolen from the Disney Resort over recent years. It’s been a haven of petty theft, from the serious to the bizarre.

Walt Disney World Entrance

Credit: Disney Dining

Stroller thieves are rife.

Over the last two years, Guests have increasingly reported having their strollers stolen. To combat this, some Guests rent strollers at the Park for $15 per day, with discounts for multi-day rentals, which is reasonable.

Other Guests, who prefer to use their own strollers, have taken to installing alarms on their strollers. Can you imagine the criminal’s face when he messes with the wrong stroller?


Credit: Disney

Definitely a deterrent. However, you must be careful where you park your stroller at Disney World. Disney Cast Members sometimes have to move strollers for operational purposes, causing a commotion when they set off alarms of strollers and parents coming running.

Disney World is playing its part too. The Resort has stepped in and provided designated stroller parking zones for Guests with strollers. These zones help keep strollers safe from thieves whilst keeping the walkways clear for other Guests.

What happens to people caught stealing at Disney?


Credit: DisneyTips

Disney doesn’t play. Thieves are arrested-doesn’t matter the amount, at least at Walt Disney World. The Park operates a zero-tolerance policy.

A Reddit user, speaking to a guide during a tour, was told

The guide said Disney has a holding room they keep people in while the police are on the way. Sometimes they don’t call the police right away”.

That’s total hearsay. It could have been said tongue in cheek. But I think we can all agree a few hours sat on your hands before being dealt with by the police is getting off lightly. It’s not cheap to bring a family to any Disney Park; more importantly, it’s an experience of a lifetime.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors from Europe and Asia come to the United States to stay at a Walt Disney World Resort, visiting the Magic Kingdom. They bring their children on a trip of a lifetime. It’s often the highlight of their childhood.

To have their phone, money, or stroller stolen just sours the whole experience. Guests don’t deserve to have their vacation ruined or disrupted by a petty thief.

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