This Fan-Favorite Character Interaction Is Finally Returning to Magic Kingdom

When the entirety of Walt Disney World Resort closed during the pandemic, the country was shocked. This was something that had never happened before, and nobody knew what would happen next!


Credit: Disney

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As each Resort hotel and each Disney Park reopened, things were different. Social distancing had been implemented, capacity had been lowered, masks were enforced, and certain experiences were missing. Live entertainment and many shows were no longer available, as well as certain attraction pre-shows. Anything that would put Disney performers and Guests at risk was temporarily missing.

As time went on, specific experiences and shows began reopening. The health restrictions became less strict as the COVID vaccines became widely available and distributed. Now, after being ‘Temporarily Closed’ for nearly three years, Disney Parks has announced that Enchanted Tales with Belle is reopening!

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On February 19, Guests visiting Magic Kingdom will be able to experience Enchanted Tales with Belle again!

This unique character interaction takes Guests and puts them in the shoes of characters in the ‘tale as old as time’ itself. First, Guests enter Maurice’s humble country cottage and tour his workshop, seeing some of his whimsical inventions. Then, Guests will spot the magic mirror, which comes to life as you say the magic words.

enchanted tales

Credit: Disney

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The mirror gives Guests a recap of how Belle and the Beast met, and before Guests’ very eyes, the walls disappear as they are “magically transported to the Beast’s castle,” according to Enchanted Tales with Belle’s official page.

enchanted tales

Credit: Disney

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The beloved enchanted wardrobe then greets Guests and selects volunteers who will help play out the story as directed by Lumière. And Belle herself will appear, dazzling Guests and creating one of Magic Kingdom’s most magical character interactions.

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