Traditional Character Interactions Have Finally Returned to This Disney Park

Although the initial stages of the Covid-19 pandemic began a few years ago, many of us are still adjusting to the ‘new normal,’ and Disney Parks are no different. Walt Disney World reopened less than six months after the initial lockdown period, and Disneyland would follow suit over a year afterward. Internationally, some Disney Parks would open and close depending on the country’s stricter COVID regulations.


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As Disney Parks all over the world opened and closed at different paces, aspects of the traditional Disney experience varied. In Walt Disney World and Disneyland, there are still certain attractions and experiences that have yet to reopen after the Parks’ initial closures.

One Disney Park, in particular, was still missing traditional character interactions…until today.


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Hong Kong Disneyland is owned by both the Walt Disney Company and the Hong Kong Government, but the split is not fifty/fifty.

Hong Kong Government owns just over 50% of Hong Kong Disneyland while the Walt Disney Company owns just below 50%, making the Disney Park majority-owned by the Hong Kong Government. While Disney manages the Park and the operations, ultimately, the company answers to the Government’s rules and regulations, which are stricter regarding COVID.

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For example, between the time of this article’s publication and Hong Kong Disneyland’s initial reopening date after closing due to the pandemic, the Disney Park has closed and reopened a handful of times.

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All the while, everyday operations have been affected by the pandemic in ways that Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort were not. That being said, traditional, physical character interactions are finally back at Hong Kong Disneyland. Guests can now get the classic, quintessential part of the Disney experience without barriers or social distancing, making for a more immersive and magical experience.

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