Tomorrowland to Face Another Major Overhaul

The future is now…is that why Tomorrowlands everywhere are going through changes?!

We nearly couldn’t believe it when Disney Parks announced last week that Tokyo Disneyland would be completely reinventing Space Mountain.

And well, it seems that now some changes may be coming to Tomorrowland in Disneyland Resort, California.


Credit: Disney

If you have been to Disneyland Park lately, you will have noticed the updated entrance to Tomorrowland with the removal of the infamous “french fry rocks”. The entrance was reimagined (announced in 2019) for better curb appeal and for a generally enhanced experience to enter the world of tomorrow.

But rumor has it that our beloved Tomorrowland is not so timeless and that some MAJOR updates and changes will be coming.

The refurbishment and redesign of Toontown, plus the gentle progression of updates to Tomorrowland, have led experts to believe that the overhaul of Tomorrowland is included in the multi-million dollar reimagining that Disney announced in 2019.

Disney's Peoplemover

Credit: Disney

Tomorrowland California is home to a few of Disneyland’s most iconic attractions like Space Mountain, Star Tours, and Autopia, and is one of the five original lands of Disneyland. Tomorrowland originally opened with the Park in 1955 and has since seen two overhauls, one in 1967, and another in 1998. The “World of Tomorrow” was originally meant to be predicting the far-off futuristic concepts of the year 1986.

Although we sometimes hate to see renovations to our beloved Disney locations where so many memories have been made, time moves on and Tomorrowland must always resemble…well, tomorrow.


Credit: D23

24 years have passed since the last futuristic overhaul so it was bound to come sooner or later. Inside reports say that this is due to be announced at the upcoming D23 conference in Anaheim California in September of this year.

There is no detailed information yet about what to expect or how long this overhaul may take, but we will be reporting on all of the announcements and updates of D23 this fall.

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