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Disney’s Space Mountain Being Replaced by “Entirely New Attraction”

So many budding astronauts and galactic fans love Disney’s Space Mountain attraction “to the moon and back.”

With its galactic ambiance and iconic exterior design, the dark roller coaster is a must-ride for Guests at Disney Parks seeking a wild trip to space.

Now, it has been revealed that one of Disney’s Space Mountain rides will be receiving a major facelift, one that will see it closed for several years.


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Space Mountain made its Magic Kingdom debut back in 1975, and this interstellar ride has been a popular attraction ever since. Visitors to Disneyland Paris, Disneyland in California, Tokyo Disneyland, and of course the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World all rush to this classic Disney Park ride for its exciting twists and sudden drops in the hopes of seeing it with the lights on.

Space Mountain at Tokyo Disneyland opened with the Park on April 15, 1983, and was the first version of Space Mountain to open at the same time as the theme park itself. The Tomorrowland ride features a hyperspeed tunnel, a sci-fi futuristic design, and an onboard soundtrack.

And in a press release today, April 27, Oriental Land Co. Ltd revealed that Tokyo’s Space Mountain will be getting a huge renovation.


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Expected to open in 2027, Tokyo Disneyland Park’s Space Mountain and its surrounding area in Tomorrowland will undergo a major renovation with a newly developed plaza. Oriental Land Company details the refurbishment below:

Space Mountain, an exhilarating, indoor roller coaster that takes Guests on a high-speed joy ride through space, has been a favorite of Guests since the Grand Opening of Tokyo Disneyland in 1983. This entirely new attraction will maintain its original concept as an indoor roller coaster, but will have enhanced performance and immersive special effects that will give Guests even more thrills on this exciting rocket ride.

We are intrigued to see what these enhanced special effects will be on everyone’s favorite rocket ride. The press release further explains what the vision is for Tokyo’s Tomorrowland plaza:

The new Tomorrowland plaza will express the connection between Earth and the universe, representing an image of a future where humans are in harmony with nature. Guests will be able to enjoy moments of rest and relaxation in this plaza where various icons and other design elements create a sense of hope for the future. After dark, the area will draw guests into a spectacular world of light and soundscapes. 

Seems like Tokyo Disneyland Park Guests can look forward to an impressive new Space Mountain and Tomorrowland plaza!


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To start the renovations on the current Space Mountain, presented by Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, Ltd, the Disneyland attraction will close in 2024. According to the report, the major renovation will cost a projected 56 billion Japanese Yen (approx. $438 million). So far, there has only been one concept art image shared of the vision.

The Tokyo Disney Resort in Urayasu, Chiba opened as Tokyo Disneyland in 1983 as the first official Disney theme park outside of the United States. Eventually, the Disney Resort grew with the addition of the Tokyo DisneySea theme park featuring the American Waterfront, and the retail complex Ikspiari. Tokyo Disney Resort is unique in the way it is wholly owned by The Oriental Land Company under license from The Walt Disney Company.

While Guests wait for Space Mountain to open, Guests can ride popular Disney attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain, and Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters at Adventureland, Westernland, and Tomorrowland, respectively. Other lands include the World Bazaar and Critter Country.


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Space Mountain itself was the first thrill ride to use computer-aided design and has two tracks: the Alpha track and the Omega track. The Alpha side is slightly longer, but the ride experience is identical for both.

Disney recently revealed that Space Mountain will see a limited-time retheme of Hyperspace Mountain, which adds Star Wars elements to the attraction. Disneyland Resort in California announced that Space Mountain will be closed on April 28, 2022, and will reopen as Hyperspace Mountain on April 29 for a limited time.

This popular version of Space Mountain celebrates the Star Wars film franchise, and sees Guests “fend off crossfire from swarms of Rebel X-wing starfighters and Imperial TIE fighters amidst an intergalactic onslaught!”.

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