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Want to Buy These Things at Disney? Think Again


A Disney vacation can be expensive and overwhelming. Just the thought of planning what to bring, what to buy, and what to eat can be enough to send anyone into a spiral. When visiting any of the Disney Parks or Resorts across the world, Guests have to get Park Pass reservations, plan Disney Genie, book dining reservations, budget for merchandise ...

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Did Bob Iger Just Throw Shade at Chapek with Hamilton?


It seems former Disney CEO Bob Chapek is no longer in “the room where it happens.” In what some have called the most shocking Disney news to date, Bob Chapek was quickly fired last week as CEO of The Walt Disney Company, and his predecessor, Bob Iger, has taken over as CEO for two years. According to sources, the sudden ...

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Battle of the Bobs: How Disney Fired Chapek


What. A. Week. It has been the news that has sent shockwaves around the entertainment industry. Bob Chapek has been fired as CEO of The Walt Disney Company, and his predocessor, Bob Iger, has been called to step in for two years. And according to sources, it was also a shock for Chapek himself. With his abrupt ousting as Disney ...

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The Real Reason FastPass Was Replaced


When you want to go upstairs, you may use an escalator. When you have to stick two materials together, there’s a high chance you’ll use Velcro. And when you need to blow your nose, you probably ask for a Kleenex. You may not realize it, but these are all examples of the phenomenon of using a brand name as a ...

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The Best Reactions to Disney CEO Bob Chapek Getting Fired


It’s been a whirlwind of a weekend for Disney fans. In what many have considered one of the biggest shocks in recent Disney Company history, The Walt Disney Company announced on Sunday, November 20, 2022, that Bob Chapek would be stepping down immediately as CEO, and be replaced by Bob Iger, who left the position at the beginning of 2020. ...

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The Weird Bob Chapek Curse of the Haunted Mansion


“We have 999 happy haunts here, but there’s room for a thousand. Any volunteers?” Inspiring spooky merchandise, Halloween parades, movies (starring Eddie Murphy and soon Owen Wilson), and The Muppets Haunted Mansion Disney+ show, the Disney attraction Haunted Mansion features a ride-through tour from a Ghost Host in Omnimover vehicles called a Doom Buggy. But the popular Disney Park ride and its ghosts may ...

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Is This The REAL Reason Bob Iger Is Back At Disney?


It’s a move that has shocked the entertainment world. Bob Iger, one of the most successful CEOs in the history of The Walt Disney Company, is returning to once again head the Disney empire. The beloved former CEO of the Walt Disney Company has been reinstated by the Board of Directors, replacing Bob Chapek. Weirdly, Chapek lasted a spooky 999 days ...

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