Top 2 Restaurants in Each of Walt Disney World’s Four Theme Parks

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: The food is one of the very best things about any visit to Disney World. Not only are there some amazing snacks and quick-service options  to choose from, these theme parks also boast come seriously awesome sit-down eateries. The food in these restaurants is wonderful, and the unique theming and entertainment makes visiting any one of these table-service food stops an experience in and of itself. Of course, if you have a limited amount of time in Disney World (as most of us do) you’re going to want to make sure you make the most of it by doing all of the best things while you’re there, including eating at the best restaurants. Unfortunately, picking and choosing where to eat while in Disney can be a bit overwhelming. After all, there are dozens of great options. For this reason, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help you decide by listing our top two restaurant picks within each park.


Magic Kingdom

The most popular and most magical of the four Disney World theme parks, Magic Kingdom is an absolute must-see during any trip. As you might imagine, this must-visit park is home to several different restaurants you’ve got to try. We had a hard time narrowing them down to just two, but below are our final picks:

  1. The Crystal Palace: The Crystal Palace is a buffet-style eatery that serves up breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Of the three, we highly recommend breakfast. However, all meals at this restaurant are delicious. Guests visit with Pooh and his friends throughout their meal, and kids are invited to participate in a “Friendship Day Parade”.
  2. Be Our Guest Restaurant: We had a tough time choosing between the relatively new Be Our Guest and Cinderella’s Royal Table. Both are great for princess lovers, but Be Our Guest ended up winning because of its affordability, delicious dishes, and amazing theming. This is definitely the perfect option for fans of Beauty and the Beast, but really, it’s fun for anyone.



Epcot is a fabulous place to go for food. Thanks to the World Showcase, visitors have food options from around the world. That said, the options in Future World are pretty memorable as well. This is another park that has loads of great options, making choosing just two difficult. Here are our final answers:

  1. Le Cellier Restaurant: There’s nothing like a good steak, and Le Cellier Restaurant—located in the Canada Pavilion of the World Showcase—certainly knows how to make one of those. Try your steak with a bowl of cheddar cheese soup and a bit of pretzel bread. The poutine is also a wonderful addition. All in all, it’s pretty hard to go wrong at this amazing restaurant.
  2. Biergarten: Looking for a bit more in the theming department? Biergarten might be for you. This buffet-style eatery is located in the Germany Pavilion and is absolutely amazing. The food includes such German favorites as bratwurst and schnitzel, of course, and the open dance floor and live music make everything a bit more festive. Be sure to look around while in this restaurant, and you’ll notice you feel as though you’re actually outdoors in a quaint German village! Very clever indeed.

Hollywood Studios

Most regular Disney-goers will be pretty quick to tell you that Hollywood Studios is not the place to go for good eats. That said, we still managed to find a couple of delicious places we absolutely adore. Try one of the two options below and you’re sure to be just as pleased as we were:

  1. 50s Prime Time Cafe: Those looking for some amazing comfort food during their Disney stay will love 50s Prime Time Cafe. Here you can get such home-cooked favorites as fried chicken and meatloaf, and enjoy it in the comfort of a home straight out of the 1950s while watching favorite sitcoms of the era. Just make sure you keep your elbows off the table and eat your veggies, or your waiter—who will claim to be a family member—may get on your case.
  2. The Hollywood Brown Derby: Want something a bit more upscale than the comfort food served at 50s Prime Time Cafe? The Hollywood Brown Derby might be up your alley. This is a replica of the famed Hollywood eatery and serves up a menu of American classics, including an incredibly delicious Cobb salad that is loved by all who try it.

Animal Kingdom

The last of the four theme parks, Animal Kingdom does have some dining treasures of its own. Wondering which ones to try? Well, if you’re able, we really recommend giving all of the restaurants in this park a try. However, those with only a day or two should stick to the two options below:

  1. Tusker House: An awesome restaurant with a varied menu including some seriously good African-inspired dishes, Tusker House is the perfect option for families. It has food for all tastes, from the simple to the adventurous. On top of that, the restaurant hosts Donald Duck as well as some of his friends, meaning you can hang out with these favorite Disney friends while you dine.
  2. Yak and Yeti: Want some Asian food? If so, Yak and Yeti—not to be confused with its quick-service sister, Yak and Yeti Local Food Cafes—is what you’re looking for. The menu at this food joint consists of all kinds of tasty Asian dishes, including some vegetarian options. We highly recommend the teriyaki chicken on pineapple-and-onion skewers, as well as the coconut-ginger rice. Yum!

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