VHS Tapes of Classic Disney Films Selling for Hundreds Online

Disney VHS movie
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Dust off your VHS tapes, you may be able to make some extra pocket change. In what feels like forever ago, watching a Disney movie was a very different process than it is today. If you’re in the mood to watch your favorite Disney film, with a click of a few buttons, Disney+ has granted your wish as the blue screen appears to begin. Before streaming services, Disney movies were sought after in a different way. Even before DVDs and Blue-Ray, there were VHS tapes. VHS tapes had a bulky player called a VCR, where the tape was inserted to play on your television.

Classic Disney films

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As a ’90s Disney fan, I can recall ensuring the video was rewound back to the start prior to playing because that was a thing. Additionally, there were coming attractions for new Disney films prior to the beginning. If you didn’t want to watch the coming attractions, you’d stand in front of the VCR, pressing the fast-forward button or doing so on your remote. Now, the tapes and player seem obsolete as Disney+ offers every Disney movie (or almost every one) at the tip of your fingers. Or maybe not!

A new article published by USA Today shares Disney VHS tapes are being sold online for hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Disney VHS Tapes Selling

Many of us probably have a box of memories stored in the basement or attic filled with our childhood. If yours includes some Disney VHS tapes, you may just want to pop it open and check. According to USA Today, “Video cassettes are a rarity in the era of streaming. If you have a classic and the tape is in the right condition, you’ve got a treasure in your hands.”

Some films are proving to be more desired than others, but they come with a whopping price tag. USA Today listed out the sought-after films, earning owners well over the original amount. For example, The Goonies is selling for a whopping $125,000. Disney films that are considered the classics are running for a pretty penny, too, including;

  • Pinocchio (1993) – $10,000
  • Dumbo (1885) – $20,000
  • Beauty and The Beast (1992) – $35,000
  • 101 Dalmatians (1961) – $9,999.99
  • The Lion King (1994) – $3,825
  • Aladdin (1992) – $500
Disney DVD and VHS movies

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It’s kind of crazy to think VHS tapes taking up space in storage could be valued so high, but the preservation of the tapes also has a lot to do with the price. According to Kodak, tapes won’t last as long if they are not stored properly. Some ways that may deteriorate the tape are storing it in hot or humid conditions or if it’s stored near a magnetic source. For the price these are selling for on eBay, it may just be worth looking into!

Do you have Disney VHS tapes you could sell?

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