Family Vloggers Banned After Dangerous Moves on Pirates of the Caribbean

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If you have visited any Disney Park, or any other theme park attractions, you are probably familiar with the very common Cast Member saying to “Keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs” inside the ride vehicles at all times.

While there are several rules in place that Guests have to follow while visiting the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, safety policies are the most important ones to follow, as they are in place to make sure both Guests and Cast Members do not get hurt.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Credit: Disney

The J Family, known for their YouTube channel and TikTok account packed with family lifestyle and travel content, recently sat down with Buzzfeed to share the story of how they were banned from Disneyland. In a three-part series of videos, mom Miley explains how she got her Disneyland Annual Pass revoked and was banned from Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

The videos begin with some background on the family’s experience visiting Disneyland as Passholders, and how they planned their day with their family:


“I’m one of those annoying people weaving in & out.” The @The J Family talks about the time they got banned from Disneyland! ? #Storytime #Disneyland #Disneyworld

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When Myley was attempting to rejoin the line at Pirates of the Caribbean to meet up with her family, the rest of her group kept moving and ad she noted in the video above, she felt like “one of those annoying people” attempting to get through the line to catch up.


Replying to @buzzfeed “I jumped onto the moving boat” ? The @jfam.ily talks about how they got banned from Disneyland while riding Pirates of the Caribbean ?‍☠️ #Disneyland #Storytime

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By the next part of the video, the couple explained how Myley finally caught up to the family just as they had boarded their boat at the beginning of the attraction. While Myley was given the okay to catch up to her family by the first Cast Member in the load area of the ride, she ultimately did not make it to the boat before it moved along. With her family seated in the last row of the boat that had just moved beyond the loading platform, Myley made the decision to push through the gate and jump onto the boat.


Replying to @buzzfeed “They confiscate my pass.” The @jfam.ily tells the story of how they got banned from Disneyland! #Disneyland #Storytime

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She did manage to get onto the boat, but the family quickly noticed that something was off when the ride became backed up. They later saw that the backup was caused by Cast Members who were looking for the Guest who jumped onto the moving boat. And when the family exited the attraction, Myley was met by security and management who took down her ID information, revoked her Annual Pass, and walked her out of the Park.

While the incident may come across as a laughable incident to some, we have to use the story as a teaching moment for why it is important to follow the rules while visiting a Disney Park. Disney operates on the Five Keys to a Great Guest Experience, which include Safety, Courtesy, Show, Efficiency, and Inclusion, in that order.

Pirates of the Caribbean

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Safety is the most important key and it really is at the heart of nearly all of Disney’s Park rules. In this case, pushing through a gate and going onto a moving boat, rather than waiting for Cast Member instruction to board a stationary boat, is a huge safety issue that put the Guest above and other Guests on the attraction at risk of getting hurt.

Myley went on in later videos to say that she was eventually able to purchase a new Annual Pass, which is something we have seen time and time again when Guests have been banned. It does seem to depend on the incident and number of offenses, though, and as such we have to caution our readers against any kind of behavior that could result in a ban from the theme parks.

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