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What’s Going On With the Lines at Walt Disney World Resort???

Recently, we reported that September is an ideal time to visit Disney Parks. Fall arrives on September 22, and with kids back in school and summer vacation coming to a close, the Parks are typically less congested.

Along with fewer crowds, the weather usually starts cooling down near the end of the month, making the Parks a much more enjoyable experience for Guests. Unfortunately, 2022 is not cooperating so far when it comes to crowds or weather!

Disney World Not Crowded

Credit: Disney

While Guests have confirmed that the Parks have been much less crowded than usual, a TikTok video posted by @disneycheflife paints a very different picture. Mind you, this is footage from Labor Day weekend, but it still makes for quite the alarming sight.

Holiday weekends will always bring in more crowds, and that’s just what they did on September 5, when huge lines were spotted at Disney Springs. Guests wrapped around the parking lot with ample security on hand to monitor the situation.


Labor Day is in full effect! MK closes early, a lot of AP are blocked so yup disney springs it is!! #disneyspringsorlando #disneysprings #disneyapholder #labordayweekend #happylaborday #disneylinesaretoolong #disneycontent #disneycontentcreator #disneycheflife #disneytiktoks #disneyparkstiktok

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The TikToker shared that the reason for the crowds was due to Magic Kingdom’s early Labor Day closure. In addition, many Annual Passholders were blocked for the holiday weekend, causing Guests to flood to Disney’s open-to-the-public offerings.

Now that we’ve gotten a glimpse of what’s going on on the east coast, let’s check in with our west coast friends at the Disneyland Resort. Similarly to Walt Disney World, Guests have been posting pictures of emptier queues and walk-on rides.

But, another Disney creator shares that when he looked into booking a hotel at Disneyland for mid-September, reservations were completely full! This, unfortunately, left only the super pricey options available. So, what is the meaning of this?!


I’m going to Disneyland! But, I hear it’s going to be crowded…. #disney #disneyland #imgoingtodisneyland

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Disney aficionados clarified in the comments section, attributing the crowds to multiple special events occurring at that time. So, although September is normally an ideal time to visit the Parks, we’ll have to wait and see how the rest of the month plays out!

It seems Walt Disney World and Disneyland get more crowded with every passing year, making it harder to find an ideal time to visit. Adding to that, the temperatures do not seem to be letting up, with heat waves continuing at both Resorts.

What’s your favorite time of year to visit Disney’s Parks?

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