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Walt Disney World Tips to Reconsider

There are many tips, suggestions, and thoughts on how to plan a Walt Disney World vacation. From where to stay, to where to eat, and what to do, everyone has opinions and recommendations.

As we look at some of the common tips given to those traveling to the Walt Disney World Resort, there are a few that we would tell you to reconsider before following them.

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Make Dining Reservations for Every Day

Although we love table service meals at Walt Disney World and find them a great way to get out of the crowds and heat, we don’t think having a reservation every day is necessary.

Table service meals can take anywhere from an hour to two hours depending on where you are eating. This can take a lot of your Park time and prevent you from experiencing everything in the Park that day.

By eating quick service meals, that are also fantastic, you can have more time in the Theme Park giving you the chance to ride and experience more.

Table service meals are also expensive. If you book one for each day of your vacation, this can really add up quickly.

Save some money by eating at a few quick service meals. Then you can enjoy splurging when it comes to your table service reservations.

Finally, some table service locations are more upscale and might not be the best for kids. Although you might enjoy a nice glass of wine as a leisurely meal, your kids will probably prefer to be in the Parks riding Big Thunder Mountain one more time.

There are some fabulous table service options throughout Walt Disney World, but consider choosing a few instead of booking one each day of your trip.

Plan for Every Minute of the Trip

Planning your Walt Disney World vacation is important for a successful and less stressful trip; however, we don’t recommend planning every second out.

Head into the vacation knowing which Theme Parks you will visit each day. You can’t just wing it because Disney Park Pass Reservations are required for Theme Park entry.

Once you know where you are going to be, have a general idea of when you are going to get to the Disney Park, how long you might want to stay, and a general plan of attack when it comes to rides and attractions.

Don’t think that you will be able to go from Rope Drop to close each day of your vacation. Allow for some downtime as well as some flexibility within your plans.

The best way to plan for a Walt Disney World vacation is to be knowledgeable enough to throw the plan out the window and just enjoy the magic that you come across.

Work Clockwise Around the Park

As you are making your plans for your Park days, one tip we would reconsider is the idea that you should start at one part of the Park and work your way around.

This might sound like a good idea, but it can cause you to wait in a lot of lines along the way.

We think the best strategy is to come into the Park knowing which rides and attractions you want to experience, and then hit the most popular ones on your list first.

By doing your must-do attractions early you will get the most important rides done first and then you can fill in with others as time allows.

Disney Genie+ can help you navigate this as well by booking those highly popular rides right away in the morning. You will have shorter waits on popular rides such as Jungle Cruise in Magic Kingdom and Slinky Dog Dash in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Making a loop around the Park can lead to long lines and therefore end up with you not being able to ride everything you want to.

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You Have to Ride Everything

Another tip that we would reconsider is the idea that you have to ride and do everything.

First of all, no matter how long you stay in Walt Disney World, seeing and doing everything is not possible so just put that idea to the side.

Second, even though we love Walt Disney World, not all rides and experiences are must-dos for everyone.

Before heading to Orlando, do some research to see what ride and attractions are interesting to your family. Make note of the must-do attractions and then know it is okay if you don’t get to those that didn’t make the list.

Finally, some of the best experiences in Walt Disney World aren’t rides. Enjoying a show, having a great meal, and meeting Mickey Mouse are all amazing experiences that make Walt Disney World magical.

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Preparing for Fireworks Hours Early

A lot of people will tell you that you have to find a fireworks spot in Magic Kingdom hours before the show starts, but we would reconsider this tip.

Yes you can start finding a spot, and many do, hours before Disney Enchantment starts, but you don’t have to.

There are a lot of great viewing areas throughout Magic Kingdom that you don’t need to be on Main Street, U.S.A., or in the hub hours before the show starts.

Instead use this time to do the rides, have a meal and enjoy the Park. You don’t want to waste precious hours in the Magic Kingdom by sitting on the hub grass waiting.

The fireworks can be seen throughout Magic Kingdom, so don’t feel like you have to be at the front of the Park to experience them. Yes, in order to see the projections you will need to be up front, but if you just want to see the fireworks, those can be seen all over.

A lot of times if you do claim a spot early, it won’t be as perfect as you think because other Guests arrive and stand in front of you the closer it gets to show time.

Don’t stress about finding the perfect spot for fireworks, but instead enjoy the Disney Park and know wherever you end up, the show will be amazing.

These are some tips that we would recommend you think about when planning your Walt Disney World vacation. We hope they help you feel more prepared but less stressed about your trip.

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