You Need to Book a Meal at Boma During Your Next Vacation

Boma Dessert Buffet
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Today we are talking about a highly underrated Disney World buffet that does not get as much attention as it deserves. Boma at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is among my restaurant favorites at Walt Disney World. There are so many factors that keep Boma Guests coming back for more. Delicious food, phenomenal ambiance, and a great location are just a few reasons Boma needs to be on your Disney dining list for your next trip. Here is why you must book a meal at Boma during your next vacation.


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African Cuisine

I’m not sure about you, but restaurants specializing in African cuisines are hard to find in my community. Boma offers Guests the incredible opportunity to sample cuisine and culture they may otherwise never encounter on a restaurant menu in the real world.


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Modeled after an African marketplace, Boma transports Guests to Africa through cuisine, music, and architecture. You’ll dine under thatched roofs and hanging tapestries as you fill your plate with food from an all-you-can-eat buffet.

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Taste new-To-You Dishes Without the Risk

Do you love exploring new cuisine but worry about ordering a dish you won’t enjoy? The great news is Boma offers an array of food on the buffet, so you can feel confident tasting new things. Booking an advance dining reservation at Boma is low risk because you will find the food you know and love on this buffet.

Boma Menu

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The better news, you’ll also have the chance to taste African dishes like Pap, Berbere-Chickpea Salad, and Sweet Corn Pudding (to name just a few dishes) that reflect the tastes of the African continent.

Guests of all ages will enjoy tasting African cuisine at their own pace as they enjoy favorites like mashed potatoes, roast beef, macaroni and cheese, and steamed vegetables alongside African cuisines like hummus, smoked meats, exotic salads, and savory soups.

Prime Animal Viewing Opportunities

A dining reservation at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge means you have a unique chance to enjoy the beauty of a Resort that is tucked away near Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme Park. Walt Disney World Guests not staying or dining here will miss out on the prime animal viewing opportunities at this Disney Deluxe Resort.

Baby Okapi, Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

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Animal Kingdom Lodge is home to incredible wildlife like giraffes, zebra, wildebeest, cranes, and many other species. Animal observation decks overlooking the savanna allow Guests to linger and enjoy these beautiful creatures as long as they wish.

Red River Hog, Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

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Cast Member animal specialists are on hand outside Jambo House to speak with Guests about the animals and answer questions. Spending time on the observation deck viewing the animals before a reservation at Boma is an incredible way to kick off your evening.

beni and olivia

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Arrive with plenty of time to spare (an extra half hour), so you can stroll the Resort property before checking in for your reservation. Don’t miss the beautiful pink flamingos a short walk from the Samawati Springs Pool.

Don’t Skip the Soup and Salad

I’ll admit it; I can sometimes treat soup and salad as a culinary afterthought, but not at Boma! Boma’s butternut squash soup is one of the most famous dishes at the restaurant. This creamy and savory soup merges the flavor of the squash with earthy spices.


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♬ Hakuna Matata – The Disneylanders

While several delicious soups are available to enjoy at Boma, no trip to the restaurant is complete without a bowl of butternut squash soup. The African chicken salad topped generously with feta cheese was my favorite salad option at Boma. Fresh salads that line the buffet will have Guests returning to the buffet for a second and third “first course.”

The hummus bar is another personal favorite at Boma. Fresh rolls, pita, and the famous Mealie bread that resembles a corn muffin, are available for Guests to enjoy alongside an array of hummus spreads that includes sundried tomato, black olive, and white bean hummus. The bread and hummus bar is another great start to your meal you should not skip. Sun-dried tomato hummus slathered on pita bread is my favorite offering at the hummus bar.

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Yummy Carving Station

Boma Roasted Beef

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No Disney buffet is complete without a fresh and juicy carving station. Roast beef, roast turkey, and Durban-style roast chicken are available for Guests to enjoy alongside entrées like roasted salmon, pork ribs, and spice-crusted beef sirloin. The delicious carving station is always putting out fresh, hot delightful meat for Guests to enjoy and serving them with an array of side sauces that perfectly complement the meat. The flavor of South Africa abounds in roasted meats, and the roasted fish may just be so tasty that you are mentally transported from Walt Disney World Resort to Cape Town, South Africa.

Two Words – Zebra Domes

Many Boma Guests could make a meal of the desserts alone. Brownies, apple cobbler, and bread pudding topped with vanilla rum sauce are delicious dessert options at the buffet. Of course, the dessert buffet is filled with numerous other desserts you’d expect, like chocolate cake, cookies, and pastries.


Credit: Disney Tips

Still, the adorable and mouthwatering zebra domes are the dessert Guests enjoy most at  Boma. These creamy white mousse zebra domes are infused with Amarula liqueur and striped with dark chocolate. This lite dessert tops my Walt Disney World dessert list and is among my favorite foods on the Boma buffet. This Disney Resort Hotel serves up Zebra Domes in another location on the Resort property. Head down to The Mara, Jambo House’s quick service dining option, to purchase this dessert without a Boma reservation!

Pair Dessert with A French Pressed Kenyan Coffee

Desert pairs well with coffee, and let’s be honest, Disney Parks are tiring, so a caffeine fix is a great idea. Especially if you are heading to Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom for evening extra magic hours, you need to refuel before the fun.

Boma Dessert Buffet

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Lucky for you, a flavorful, robust, and delicious Kenyan coffee is available at Boma. It is expertly brewed in a French press, making it perfect for sharing with a tablemate. Pair a cup of coffee with a zebra dome, and you have the ideal end to your meal.

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Relax Fireside After Your Meal


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No evening at Boma is complete without taking the time to relax fireside after your meal. A large indoor fire pit located on the second floor of the Resort, and an outdoor fire pit simulates fire pits of the savanna. These huge fire pits have comfortable seating surrounding them for around a dozen Guests. The serenity and beauty of the glowing fire pits may make Guests reconsider their evening plans and linger a bit longer to enjoy the ambiance of Animal Kingdom Lodge.


What do you think? Will this Walt Disney World dining recommendation top your list on your next Disney vacation?

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