PHOTOS: You’ll Never Guess Where You Can Find a Piece of This Extinct Disney Attraction

With a following as large as Disney’s, it’s impossible to please every fan and Guest. No matter which decision is made, someone will be disappointed by it, while somebody else will be glad to hear the news. That’s why, time and time again, our favorite Disney attractions close before we’re ready to see them go.

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Whether they become outdated, unpopular, or damaged, attractions and experiences can easily go extinct at Disney Parks. In the case of Muppet*Vision 3D at Disneyland Resort, the attraction was temporarily closed in 2014. A year later, Disney made the official announcement: Muppet*Vision 3D would not be returning.


Credit: Disney

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Although Walt Disney World’s version of the attraction lives on in Hollywood Studios, it can be extremely difficult for Guests who frequently visit Disneyland California Adventure to visit a Disney Park on the other side of the country. But if fans of the extinct attraction want to see an iconic prop, all they have to do is visit the Jim Henson Company Studios in Los Angeles. There, they can see part of the original Muppet*Vision 3D sign!

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Unfortunately, not every prop, puppet, or piece of an attraction survives when a Disney ride closes its doors forever. That makes this piece of Disneyland history so nostalgic, touching, and lucky.

Credit: Disney

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The Jim Henson Company Studios Lot in Los Angeles serves as the headquarters for the Jim Henson Company, the Henson Soundstage, and Henson Recording Studios, making it a super special place for fans of the innovator’s work.

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