7 Things Most Walt Disney World Fans Would Fight Over

7. Pork Shank vs. Turkey Leg

With the somewhat recent addition of Gaston’s Tavern to Fantasyland, a small rivalry has come up between the pork shank served exclusively at this location and the more classic snack option of the turkey leg. Some guests who used to be devout turkey leg fans have since converted to the pork shank team as a result of Gaston’s Tavern. While turkey legs have the convenience of being found in each of the four parks, pork shanks definitely boast the exclusivity factor of being served at one specific location. In addition, Gaston’s Tavern is also home to Le Fou’s Brew, which has also helped to sway some people over to team pork shank.


6. Illuminations vs. Happily Ever After

Note: Illuminations’ last show will be September 30, 2019. “Epcot Forever”, a temporary fireworks spectacular, will begin October 1. 

Some Disney fans have very strong opinions over which nightly fireworks shows are their favorites. Illuminations fans, which I find typically also agree that Epcot is their favorite park, seem to generally like Happily Ever After, but they prefer the storyline and theming of Illuminations more. Happily Ever After fans, from what I can tell, seem to prefer the more classic Disneyland-esque fireworks style performance. This is one fan rivalry that is not so widely talked about, though everyone pretty much knows it exists and that every Disney fan does have a favorite between the two shows.

5. New Fastpass vs. Old Fastpass

Most serious Disney fans have extremely strong opinions regarding the new Fastpass+ system. Many fans prefer the flexibility of the old system, claiming that it allowed them to still enjoy using Fastpass but not have to plan so much of their visit to the parks. One major issue with the old system was that guests would save paper Fastpass to use later that day after their expiration time, which was typically allowed by cast members even though the tickets themselves stated that guests needed to enter the queue by a certain time. (In my opinion, this aspect of the “flexibility” of the old system is technically an unfair comparison. While cast members may have been bending the rules by allowing guests to use late Fastpasses, guests who claim this was a more flexible option were technically not following the rules associated with the old Fastpass system.) The new system allows guests to book Fastpasses well in advance of their visit to the parks, which some claim has taken the flexibility out of a Disney vacation.

4. Dining Plan or No Dining Plan

Some Disney guests swear by the dining plan, and others shutter at the thought. The dining plan can be an excellent deal if you know you’re going to eat enough to get a good value for it. If not, you’re probably better off paying for meals out of pocket. I’ve even used the dining plan when going on vacation with friends, just because it was easier to pay for the food upfront than to have to worry about who would be paying for what during the trip. Regardless of your feelings on the dining plan, chances are you do feel very strongly towards one side or the other.

3. Deluxe, Moderate, or Value Resorts

This point regarding the differing tiers among Disney resorts is another argument that can sometimes arise between Disney fans. Some fans feel very strongly that a vacation means staying in a deluxe resort, with all of the extra amenities, themed pools, entertainment, and more upscale rooms. Others on the opposite end find that even though they’re on vacation, it makes more sense to save the extra money for other parts of their vacations and to stay in value resorts instead—after all, all you really do in the hotel room is sleep and take showers there anyway. Others tend to fall right in the middle. They want to splurge a little bit from the values, but still cannot justify the price of a deluxe.

2. Fantasmic at Disneyland vs. Walt Disney World

Fantasmic at Disneyland is, believe it or not, a lot different from Fantasmic at Disney World. I’m personally torn because I believe that Fantasmic in Disneyland is a better show, but I prefer the whole experience better at Walt Disney World with the stadium style seating and its location on Sunset Blvd at Hollywood Studios.


1. Disneyland vs. Magic Kingdom

Quite possibly the biggest argument to arise from any two random Disney fans is whether they favor Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom. While the two parks are clearly very similar there are tons of little differences that most Disney fans will notice causing them to favor the park on one coast instead of the other. Whichever you prefer, just know that when you visit the other park, you’ll constantly find yourself comparing it to your favorite, and you’ll probably end up fighting with another Disney fan to prove that your favorite really is better.

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