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Energy Bytes
Credit: Disney Eats Instagram

With the opening of Magic Kingdom’s newest attraction TRON Lightcycle, came a new restaurant. Guests patiently anticipated the new ride that uses state-of-the-art technology. It’s also Disney’s only ride requiring all belongings to be stowed in a locker before getting on the attraction.

Tomorrowland now features a new foodie spot that opened in March 2023 called Energy Bytes. Disney Parks Blog describes the kiosk as “drawing inspiration from the futuristic environment around you.” This pitstop offers breakfast, sweet and savory snacks, and refreshing beverages. Now, Energy Bytes has introduced two new menu items.


Credit: D23

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It’s no secret that Orlando can get hot during the summer months. While visiting Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon may be best, you can’t skip the other Parks! Disney treats like DOLE Whip, shaved ice, Mickey ice cream bar, and more help you stay cool throughout the day, even if you’re not in your swimsuit like Donald Duck. Energy Bytes now offers two new items that will help keep the sweat away and give you the refreshing sip you’re looking for.

Donald Duck

Credit: D23

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Energy Bytes New Slushy’s

The two new slushies are a Piña Colada Slushy and Watermelon Slushy. Featured only at this foodie spot, Guests can indulge in the sweet and cooling treat while waiting in line for their favorite attractions. The Pina Colada Slushy comprises chipotle pineapple, matcha, and popping candies. While the Watermelon Slushy is with Yuzu citrus, ginger, and popping candies.

Energy Bytes

Credit: Disney Eats Instagram

They have other options, like buffalo chicken and beef and broccoli dumplings called “The Digital Dumplings,” but nothing is quite as refreshing as these slushies.

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The best part of these tasty sips is that they are refreshing and the perfect walking snack as you continue your day at Disney. While we all love a good Mickey-shaped Ice Cream Bar, it can get messy once the sun’s rays hit your ice cream. This slushy offers something sweet, cool, and easy to carry.

Add these slushies to your foodie bucket list for your next Disney trip!

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