8 Things You’ll Love about Restaurant Marrakesh at Walt Disney World

Credit: DisneyTips

1. Location

Restaurant Marrakesh is located in the back half of one of the most underrated pavilions in Epcot’s World Showcase. Far too many guests overlook the level of detail in the design of the pavilion, and how immersive the shops and the buildings themselves feel to a real community in Morocco. Restaurant Marrakesh fits the theme of the rest of the pavilion perfectly, providing another layer to this World Showcase marketplace.


2. Menu

The menu at Restaurant Marrakesh really does have something for everyone. Much like Boma at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, Restaurant Marrakesh allows guests to try Moroccan food for the first time without feeling overwhelmed by too many unfamiliar options. From couscous with chicken (Moroccos’ national dish), to lamb kebobs, and bastillas, the menu can easily fit a variety of tastes while letting guests be as adventurous as they like.

3. Specialty cocktails

Restaurant Marrakesh is home to some delicious specialty cocktails that you won’t find anywhere else at World Showcase. The Casablanca Sunset for instance is always a guest favorite–this drink is a mix of apricot brandy, orange juice, cranberry juice, and peach schnapps, and it’s delicious! Moreover, the menu features a couple of different ‘mocktails’ allowing non-drinkers or guests under 21 an option besides soda.

4. Kid-friendly items

For a lot of guests, trying more adventurous cuisine that they may not have in their hometowns can be a cause for concern for picky eaters and particularly for kids. While authentically Moroccan, Restaurant Marrakesh does have kids’ meals that feature standard theme park fare like hamburgers and chicken tenders, while still giving kids the option to try more interesting appetizers and desserts.


5. Live entertainment

Having a meal at Restaurant Marrakesh really means you get to enjoy dinner and a show. Live music is accompanied by a belly dancer, which provides entertainment that adds to the whole experience without making it too much of a focus over the cuisine. If seeing the dancer or being close to the music is a priority, mention this to your host–the dining room at Restaurant Marrakesh is quite large and some sections offer better views than others.

6. Walk-in availability

Compared to some of the other restaurants in World Showcase, your chances of dining in Restaurant Marrakesh without a reservation are fairly high. It’s popular enough that it does sometimes get busy, but it’s a larger dining room and in comparison to other restaurants around the park it just isn’t as popular–which does not speak to the food or overall experience, lots of guests just have other restaurants that they would choose first.

7. Cast members

Whether it’s a cultural difference, or these cast members just really love their job, the cast members at Restaurant Marrakesh are always super friendly and helpful. If you have questions about anything on the menu or you just want to ask them about what part of Morocco they’re from, they are more than happy to chat and spend some time helping with whatever you need.

8. Value

Restaurant Marrakesh is in line with average table service restaurant prices, which combined with the quality of food, portion sizes, and entertainment makes it a great value! Entrees range from about $18-29, with the more expensive ones being dishes loaded with meats, veggies, and couscous. Additionally, there are appetizer samplers that allow you to try a little bit of everything without breaking the bank.

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