Animal Kingdom’s Most Divisive Attraction Is Set to Close; Here’s When It Will Reopen

It was recently announced that one of Animal Kingdom’s most divisive attractions would close for scheduled maintenance. After Disney Tips reported the upcoming closure, some fans became concerned about whether the attraction would actually reopen or not.

Now, we’re reporting on the attraction’s opening date, confirming that it will indeed reopen.

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Animal Kingdom is home to many beloved attractions, but one of the most discordant attractions, the Kali River Rapids, is scheduled to close for maintenance on January 9.

The Kali River Rapids is considered a hit-or-miss attraction for many Guests. On the one hand, this water ride is an excellent way to beat the heat while visiting Walt Disney World in sunny, humid, and blisteringly hot Florida. On the other hand, water rides aren’t for everyone, especially when you spend the rest of the day slightly damp.

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For the Kali River Rapids, the warning ‘you may get wet’ does not apply. Many Guests know that when it comes to this attraction, it’s more like, ‘you will get wet, you may get soaked.’ Even in sunny Florida, getting soaked on a water ride isn’t for everyone.

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As usual, Walt Disney World is closing this attraction for refurbishments in January for a few reasons. For one, Florida’s weather is fickle. Although it’s usually temperate and warm (sometimes too warm), there are rare moments when the weather becomes chilly, cold, and even freezing!

This past holiday season, for example, saw historically cold temperatures all over the Sunshine State. That’s why Walt Disney World Resort’s water rides close for refurbishment during a winter month such as January.


Credit: Disney Tips

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Another reason is that the crowds usually slow down in January, so fewer attractions need to remain open in order to accommodate them.

Although Kali River Rapids is closing on January 9, Gotta Go Orlando has recently reported that the attraction will open on March 17. Mark your calendars, water-ride lovers!

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