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How Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Made It Back to Disney

Oswald the lucky rabbit

Everyone knows the story of Mickey Mouse. He’s the mouse that started it all. Or, as Walt Disney said, “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing—that it was all started by a mouse.” That was, of course, never forgotten now, seeing how big The Walt Disney Company has grown to be. Although Mickey Mouse was the ...

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Two Classic Disney Characters Might Actually Be the Same Person

Peter Pan

When Walt Disney was alive, Walt Disney Animation Studios created some of the most iconic animated films of all time. Credit: Disney Related: Voice of Ursula From Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ Passes Away at 95 The first feature-length animated project, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), was known internally as “Walt’s Folly” because nobody believed it would succeed. Audiences proved them wrong, ...

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The 10 Items Cast Members Recommend You Pack for the Parks

Mickey and Minnie outside Cinderella Castle

When heading into the Walt Disney World Parks, you feel like you are packing everything. To help you narrow down what you need in your Disney Parks bag, we will share the ten items that Disney Cast Members recommend Guests always have with them. These are the ten items that Cast Members wished every Disney Guest had with them when visiting. These items make the ...

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Walt Disney Archives Announces Magical Exhibit


The Walt Disney Company is always in the business of storytelling. Whether it be a new or old story, the company always looks for new, inventive ways to tell stories. The Walt Disney Archives was established in 1970 to preserve and collect all historical materials. The history tells the story of  Walt Disney and the company he left behind. “From ...

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Here’s Why So Many Parents Die in Disney Movies

Beauty and the beast

For many Disney fans, iconic Disney films were a part of our childhood. No matter your age, classics like Cinderella (1950), Peter Pan (1953), Hercules (1997), and Snow White (1937) were characters you knew and loved. As The Walt Disney Company grew, so did the plethora of films and characters. Over the decades, Disney has produced even more favorites like ...

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The Real Reasons Mickey And Minnie Wear White Gloves

Split screen of Mickey Animations - one side he wears gloves, the other, he is not

For almost 100 years, Disney has been bringing beloved characters to life, thanks to the magic of animation. What began as only a two-dimensional endeavor has been broadened to a three-dimensional approach, thanks to computer animation technology that literally allows animators to “create” characters–down to the look and feel of the characters’ fur, hair, clothing, and more. Credit: AwesomeOKingGuy/DeviantArt But ...

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A New Space Mountain?

Space Mountain construction at Tokyo

Space Mountain is one of the most iconic attractions at Walt Disney World Resort. It opened on January 15, 1975, showcasing the world of tomorrow. As a cornerstone of the Magic Kingdom Park, it takes Disney Guests on a high-speed mission into the darkness of space – sending them into the cosmos. RELATED: New Space Mountain Enhancement at Walt Disney World ...

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Disney’s 1970s Collection Drops as Part of DISNEY100

Disney100 Collection

Disney100 is the ongoing celebration of The Walt Disney Company’s anniversary. In 100 years, the company has accomplished so much with innovation, animation, and a lot of imagination! To commemorate the big anniversary, Disney is celebrating in different ways. With one-of-a-kind events, meet and greets, and Park decor, Guests are experiencing Disney in a whole night way. Disney merchandise has ...

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Disney Attractions From Opening Day (That You Can Still Ride!)

disneyland partners statue

This week marks the birthday of the original Disneyland Park, which opened on July 17, 1955. In the decades since then, the Walt Disney Company has built over a dozen other theme parks and multiple hotels worldwide and continues to be a leader in the tourism and theme park industry. RELATED: ‘Haunted Mansion’ Cast Takes Over Disneyland Attraction When the original ...

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Now You Can See The Inside of Walt Disney’s Head

Painting of Walt Disney's face

Walt Disney passed away nearly 57 years ago. But before his passing, he introduced the world a whole new way of thinking. He changed cinema, Hollywood, animation, creativity, engineering, and the tourism industry. Not bad for someone who was only on this Earth for 65 years. RELATED: New LEGO Set to Pay Homage to Walt Disney Disneyland Resort But this week ...

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