The New Figment Book You Need To See!

Figment Art
Credit: Disney

Many Disney Park fans already know who Figment is. But for those unfamiliar with the EPCOT mascot, here’s a brief lesson…


Credit: Disney

Figment 101

The purple and orange dragon, Figment, debuted in 1983 as the sidekick of The Dreamfinder in the “Journey into Imagination” attraction at Disney’s EPCOT. He embodies imagination and creativity, encouraging Disney Park guests to embrace the power of their own imagination.

FIgment Rainbow Tunnel

Credit: Disney

For years, his playful antics and fun energy have made him a favorite among Walt Disney World Resort fans and visitors.

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Figment’s Return

Although the original “Journey into Imagination” attraction has changed over the years, Figment’s popularity has remained strong. His likeness can be found on multiple merchandise, snacks, plush toys, and appearances in various forms of Disney media. One of the most notorious examples was a Figment popcorn bucket that Disney fans waited in line for seven hours to get.

Figment meet and greet

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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Figment has returned to EPCOT meet and greets, and a new line of merchandise featuring the purple and orange dragon was also released.

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But that’s not all…

New Figment Book

According to Penguin/Random House, a new Little Golden Book featuring Figment will debut in January 2024. Recent cover art for the book has just been released, featuring a cartoon version of the popular character. Holding a paintbrush in his hand, Figment slides across the cover with the Imagination Pavilion in the background and The Dreamfinder flying in the top right corner.

The book is based on the Walt Disney World Resort attraction and around the lyrics to the ride’s song “One Little Spark.” However, it is unclear which lyrics (the original or the newer) the book will use. But the inclusion of The Dreamfinder on the new cover implies it may be a return to form with the classic attraction.

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