Figment Falls With Excitement at Disney World

Credit: Disney

No, this is not a “figment” of your imagination! A Fiment meet and greet is now in full swing at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT. The experience that started on Sunday, September 10, came after the fan event Destination D23. The fun-filled weekend came with many surprises and releases, including the meet and greet with Figment now at the Imagination pavilion.

Fans quickly took to social media to share their excitement to snap a photo and get a hug from their favorite purple dragon. Along with the meet and greet, Disney rolled out a brand new apparel line featuring Figment’s bold purple and orange colors. Guests can now meet their favorite character and take home a souvenir to remember him by.


Credit: Disney

As the meet and greet commenced on Sunday, the line to meet him has been super long. “Fans began to queue immediately after EPCOT’s gates opened at 9 a.m., according to videos shared by those in attendance, and the line quickly extended past the Imagination Pavilion where the meet-and-greet was being held,” according to Insider. The wait time was up to four hours, and Cast Members eventually closed it at 2:45 p.m.

Figment Annual Passholder Magnet

Credit: Disney

While Figment was quite excited to start his busy day at work, Guests captured a video no character ever wants. Figment took a tumble when walking out, and Guests waiting online captured the entire thing. As seen on X below, a Cast Member right behind him and four more came to his rescue.

Disney describes him as “with the body of a lizard, the nose of a crocodile, and the horns of a steer,” which must make his costume difficult to walk in. By the looks of it, he got up just as quickly as he fell and was doing fine! Scott Gustin jokingly shared to X, “I mean… they did say Figment would make a Fall debut.” Figment went on to greet all the Guests, waiting hours to snap a photo with him. Insider also shared that “the character doesn’t sign autographs, though Disney employees hand out cards with his pre-printed signature.”

Would you wait in line to meet Figment?

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