Take Your Imagination to New Lengths With Figment Merch

Figment apparel
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Figment is taking center stage with Disney’s newest merchandise release. Figment is a beloved character at EPCOT, which has been around since the theme Park opened in 1982. The purple dragon is known for his creativity and imagination. After the fan event Destination D23, held at Walt Disney World this past weekend, fans are getting many updates on the purple dragon. Fun fact: Did you know he was originally planned to be green?


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Figment embodies the dreamer-like idea with imagination at its core. The purple and orange color combination makes his character stand out and, thankfully, was changed from green. Although it could have fit in well with the Florida surroundings, having lizards and crocodiles as a common local sighting, the dragon is known for much more. His origin story actually comes from ancient mythology. “While stories about these mythical creatures come from all over the world, they all tend to have one thing in common: Dragons embody physical traits from many other creatures and beasts,” Disney Parks Blog writes.

Figment has become a staple of Walt Disney World’s EPCOT. Journey Into Imagination With Figment is a popular attraction at the Park, and now it’s not the only way Guests can enjoy the purple dragon. Meeting Figment may be the most exciting release for EPCOT, with the new meet and greet. But Disney will now offer brand-new merchandise sold only at EPCOT, featuring the purple dragon!

Figment meet and greet

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Figment-Inspired Merchandise

We know how iconic the purple and orange colors are, and now you can bring them home with you! The “all-new merchandise collection that proves imagination works best when it’s set free,” Disney details. The new line of apparel includes hoodies, leggings, and t-shirts. And as we already know, no line is complete without Mickey ears! “Figment takes center stage in this whimsical and plush new pair coming soon,” Disney reports.

These items will only be able to be found at EPCOT. More specifically, the new apparel can be purchased at ImageWorks and Creations Shop. Are you running or running to get these new items featuring Figment?

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