Child Left Alone by a Restroom as Other Guests Watch for Parents’ Return at Disneyland

“The Happiest Place on Earth” sometimes comes with a small dose of reality, and in one recent incident at Disneyland, Guests were hit with a major taste of the real world as they looked on waiting for parents to return to a child who was left alone outside a restroom.


Credit: Disney

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A Guest named Cynthia, @marshmelow_cakez on TikTok recorded the incident while sitting outside a restroom at Disneyland as she waited to make sure that the child’s family returned for them. As seen in the video, onlookers were not sure when the child was left alone or if the parents were in the restroom or if they had left the area altogether.

Take a look at Cynthia’s video below:


How can you just leave your kid like that, kid left alone at Disneyland by the woman’s bathroom. #smh #leftoutsidealone #disneyland #unsupervised #parentswhoshouldnthavehadkids #badparenting #childneglect #caugthoncamera #whatwouldyoudo #childendangerment #childsafety #awerness

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Cynthia shared her concern for the child in the caption of the video writing, “How can you just leave your kid like that, kid left alone at Disneyland by the woman’s bathroom.”

A video posted as a followup noted that the child was with two adults who had come out of the restroom, leaving the Guests present and viewers on TikTok wondering why they couldn’t either take the child into the restroom with them or take turns while one of the adults waited with the child outside.


Replying to @summer_lynn25 I waited for the mom to get there so I can leave. The worst part is there was two of them with him and they both decided to get in there together. I didn’t make a scene but I did tell a member after she came out

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Cynthia did note that she alerted a Cast Member of the situation, rather than simply recording the incident, but some viewers on TikTok noted that where the child seemed unbothered being left alone it is likely this was not the first time it has happened.

If you ever do see an unattended or lost child at a Disney Park, it is best to notify a nearby Cast Member to the situation so they can help locate the parents. If your children ever become separated at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, we always recommend instructing them to find a Cast Member with a Disney nametag. And of course, young children should remain in their parents’ care for the entirety of their visit to the Parks.

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