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Commercials are Coming to Disney+…Except for These Two

It’s no secret that an ad-based subscription option is coming to Disney Plus.  But there are two kinds of commercials in particular that will definitely be left out from their ad programming.

It was announced earlier this year that Disney+ would be introducing a new ad-based subscription in addition to their current ad-free subscription. Our best guess is this will be a cheaper option, making the popular Disney-owned streaming service more available to a wider audience looking for an affordable option. We speculate that this is also a move to keep up with the competitors like HBO Max and Peacock streaming services which also operate ad-based subscriptions.


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Disney has historically stayed away from mainstream advertising on their child-targeted channels like Disney Channel and Disney Junior. When commercials did air on these channels, they were Disney ads, usually advertising Disney Movies, other TV shows, specials, and Disney toy products. However, we have seen a wider variety of commercials on channels like ABC Family and Freeform.

When it comes to their streaming platform, Disney+, Disney is ready to diversify their commercial program with external ads from a range of companies. With the exception of these two…

Disney+ will not allow any alcohol commercials or political commercials to air on their ad-based streaming subscription.

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‘But why is the rum gone?!’

In an effort to still keep with the theme and produce family-friendly content, Disney will not allow these types of commercials on the streaming service, and will also not air ads when a child profile is actively watching. The service has said they will also aim to be “cautious” about ads while running programming targeted toward pre-school-aged audiences.

Media buyers are surprised by the guidelines Disney will be enforcing over their ads, but realize this may simultaneously create a higher competition amongst external corporations to get their ads on Disney+, ultimately increasing demand.

Disney has stated that they will also not support commercials from competitor outlets or other studios, but besides that and alcohol politics, we’ll likely see a decent variety of commercials on the streaming service later this year.

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