Magic Kingdom
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Disney Cast Member Masters Miming Skills at Magic Kingdom

A sweet interaction was caught on camera yesterday at Magic Kindom in Walt Disney World Resort. A Disney Cast Member caught the attention of onlookers as he put his apparent miming skills to good use.

The TikTok video, shared by @christyindisney, donned the caption, “Cast members are the Disney magic.” As the recording begins, a Cast Member is seen walking through two white beams.

Cinderella Castle

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Once through, he turns around and starts pretending that he’s cleaning a glass between them. He wipes and scrubs in circular motions making it appear as if there really is a piece of glass there!

If you didn’t see him walk through the beams at the beginning of the video, you certainly would’ve believed there must be a clear divider. The magical Cast Member takes a break from his cleaning and gestures that he’s squirting down the mirror with spray.

He mimics realistic noises that sound like a spray bottle with his mouth and smiles as he begins wiping down the imaginary mirror again. Whistling as he works, he seems to be a master at the art of miming.


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Disney, hire this man as a performer! The person recording the video plays along with the routine, saying, “You missed a spot.” The Cast Member claps back, asking, “Where?”

The Disney Guest replies, “Right there in the middle.” The Cast Member points to the spot, blows on the glass, and proceeds to wipe down the dirty area.

Disneyland with Mickey

Credit: Disney

He then hilariously mentions, “Wait, it’s on this side,” as he walks through the beams and begins wiping down the back. He blows and cleans some more as the video comes to a close.

Earlier today, we shared a heartwarming story about a little boy interacting with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland. It’s moments like these, with Cast members like this, that remind us why Walt Disney World and Disneyland are indeed the Happiest Places on earth!

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