Waterspout Castaway Cay
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Disney Cruise Line Guests Experience Delays Due to a Waterspout Off Castaway Cay

Guests visiting Castaway Cay with Disney Cruise Line earlier this week were in for some severe weather when delays were issued around the island due to a waterspout spotted offshore.

Video shared to Twitter by Chris Moore, a Guest on Castaway Cay this Sunday, May 29, 2022, shows the waterspout just off the coast of the southern side of Disney’s private island by the Disney Dream.

While the waterspout remained for several minutes as Disney Cruise Line Guests on the island experienced delays in certain activities due to the potential for dangerous weather, it never made landfall and eventually blew over as it evaporated while moving further out over the ocean.

The weather warning thankfully did not cause any injury or destruction to ships or to the island, but it was certainly a frightening sight for Guests to take in. Weather conditions were never considered dangerous enough to cancel Castaway Cay as a port of call, which can often happen aboard cruises, especially during hurricane season) so despite the cloudy weather, many Guests were still able to enjoy Castaway Cay.


Credit: Disney

In terms of delays that Guests cruising on the Disney Dream experienced, the only issues on Sunday included brief moments of sheltering from lightning (the same way Guests would during a thunderstorm at Walt Disney World) and a short pause on select activities.

A waterspout functions similarly to a tornado, though often less severe, and spiraling over the water rather than on land. If a waterspout like this one were to worsen, it could have the potential to cause severe damage to watercraft and potentially structures onshore.

This waterspout sighting came just ahead of the start of hurricane season, which typically runs from the beginning of June through late November for Florida and nearby areas. For Guests visiting Walt Disney World, hurricanes are often weakened by the time they reach Central Florida (though this isn’t always the case as the parks have closed for hurricanes in the past). However, for Disney Cruise Line Guests, hurricanes and other forms of severe weather could mean changes to itineraries or delays.

Be sure to double-check the weather before setting out for your next Disney vacation especially as hurricane season is now upon us, and be sure to plan for some rainy afternoons in the theme parks if you are visiting this summer.

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