Fans Hilariously Salute Disney’s Last Remaining Hula Dancer

It seems like there’s a game of “Survivor” happening at the “it’s a small world” attraction! The iconic Disneyland Park attraction is known for its catchy tune and hundreds of animatronic dolls, but we’re slowly seeing specific animatronics being picked off… one by one!

Credit: Disney

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While Magic Kingdom Park and Disneyland Park’s version of “it’s a small world” are slightly different in their unique ways, they both have the fan-favorite hula dancers that shake their hips quickly as the slow-moving ride vehicles move Guests along through the colorful attraction.

As of last year, Disneyland Resort still had a healthy row of hula dancers, even though there were sometimes malfunctions, as shown in the video below posted by @kaitkillebrew around this same time last year:

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In that video from October 2021, Guests could see four hula dancing animatronics. Fast-forward to September 2022, almost a year later… and we’re down to ONE hula dancer at Disneyland Park!

@jmaruyama took to social media on September 17, 2022, with a video of the location of the hula dancing animatronics, noting, “And then there was one…” Check out the brief video below:

The comments on the post are absolutely hilarious! Some comments include, “Congrats to our newly crowned Hula Queen!”; “Shake on, girl. I salute you.”; “Never trusted those two in the masks.”; “When Thanos visits Fantasyland.”; and “Damn you Chapek!”

Plus, the gifs are just as funny, with favorites such as:

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And again, more support for the lone hula dancer:

Was Lilo a bad hula dancing example, as shown in the gif below?

While we’re thrilled Disney fans are making light of the situation, we’re very curious as to when we’ll see the full line of hula dancers once again, as we suspect they are undergoing maintenance for the time being.

As usual, we’ll be sure to keep Disney Tips readers updated as we learn more about the missing hula dancers from “it’s a small world.” In the meantime, we too will salute the seemingly new “Hula Queen.”

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