Don’t Fall for This Scam Found Inside Your Disney Hotel Room

The Walt Disney World Resort provides Guests visiting from around the world a much-needed escape from the negativity of the real world. And while staying at a Disney Resort hotel does help to keep all of the magic nicely inside the Disney bubble, there are, unfortunately, still ways that reality can make its way in.

Just as scams are a frustrating part of the world side of Disney Parks and Resorts, there is one major scam that is all-too-easy to fall for that can come with some serious consequences, and its victims are often staying at Disney and other Orlando-area hotels.

EPCOT Resort Area

Credit: Disney Dining

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The scam in question comes in the form of flyers for various pizza delivery restaurants that are slipped under the doors of Guest rooms across Walt Disney World, thereby putting the scam right into your room despite security’s best efforts at preventing this.

The major giveaway that these flyers are actually a scam (aside from the fact that they are not from Disney) is that they often do not include addresses like any legitimate restaurant would clearly include on a menu or flyer. Those running the scam are hoping that Guests will call them to order a pizza and give their credit card information, which will then be compromised.

Disney Pizza Scam

Credit: Doctor Disney

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We recommend only ordering from restaurants you are familiar with outside of your Resort (or even better, just sticking to the options available right at your hotel). Meal delivery services like UberEats and Door Dash do deliver to Walt Disney World hotels, and ordering directly from a restaurant (that you can verify is legitimate) is always an option, too.

Each Disney Resort does have a quick-service dining location, and select Deluxe Resorts also have room service. It also never hurts to have some snacks in your hotel room for those times when you get a little hungry, Disney’s restaurants have already closed for the night, and you have a menu from an outside service that you simply cannot trust.

Disney's All-Star Sports Resort

Credit: Disney

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We hope this head’s up helps you avoid scams in the future. Remember, you can also always speak to a Cast Member to ask if something like this is legit if you do happen to find a peculiar menu in your hotel room. Enjoy your trip and stay safe out there!

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