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Don’t Let This Impact Your Walt Disney World Vacation

Planning a Walt Disney World vacation is a lot of work and can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful. Even if you take time to make those Park reservations and keep up on all the Disney news, there are still things that can impact your trip.

We have a few of these unexpected things that can impact your vacation that you might not be aware of ahead of time. We are hoping by bringing them to your attention; you will be ready with a plan of attack if you do end up facing them during your Walt Disney World vacation.

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Dining Issues

Eating is an extremely important part of your Walt Disney World vacation, and it can have a huge impact on your experiences if you aren’t prepared.

If you have forgotten to make dining reservations ahead of time, don’t panic, as there are some ways to overcome this issue.

The My Disney Experience App now shows walk-up options allowing you to snag last minute dining reservations in the Parks and Resorts.

Many of the amazing lounges, such as Nomad Lounge in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, also offer a walk-up list which are great alternatives to popular restaurants.

Another issue that you might come across when it relates to dining in Walt Disney World is mobile order issues.

Although we love mobile ordering, there sometimes can be issues with the system. Try to plan to place mobile orders for prime eating time. You can place orders anytime throughout the day, so we highly recommend doing so before everyone is hungry.

Don’t let mobile ordering or a lack of dining reservations impact your Walt Disney World vacation. Instead, have a plan ahead of time or be willing to adjust your plans if needed.

Forgetting Your Phone Charger

Phones have become even more important in Walt Disney World with the addition of Disney Genie to My Disney Experience. Now, Guests need a smartphone to order food and get onto rides and into the Parks and their Resort room.

Because of how important smartphones are, we highly recommend everyone in your travel party have a portable charger. This can keep everyone fully charged and connected.

If you do forget your phone charger, don’t panic. There are fuel rod stations throughout the Theme Park that allow you to purchase a charger. Although this isn’t the cheapest option, it is better than being in the dark all day.

Transportation Issues

We love that Walt Disney World provides free transportation to and from the Walt Disney World Resort hotels, the four Theme Parks, water parks, and Disney Springs.

Having this complimentary transportation helps take the stress of driving out of the vacation.

This doesn’t mean that Disney transportation is without issues. Don’t let them ruin your trip if you happen to run into long lines at the bus station or Skyliner stations. Know that Disney is typically on top of it and will send more buses to help get everyone where they need to be quick.

If you are in a big hurry, know that you choose to hire a ride share service to get to and from your destinations. This can sometimes save you time but might cost more depending on surge pricing so keep that in mind.

Don’t let transportation be an issue during your vacation by planning plenty of time to get around, so you aren’t stressed.


Even though Disney is magical, it can’t control the weather. Be aware that all types of weather happen in Walt Disney World, and be prepared, so it doesn’t have a huge impact on your vacation.

If you are heading down when it is hot, make sure you have sunscreen, hats, and portable fans. These can make a huge difference in keeping everyone comfortable.

No matter when you visit, know that it can rain. Have your rain gear packed, such as ponchos and umbrellas, so you can keep on moving around the Parks without issues.

If you are heading down during the winter months, know that Disney does get cold as well. Making sure you have hats, scarves, mittens, etc. will keep you comfortable and able to enjoy the Parks.

Weather can significantly impact your vacation if you aren’t prepared for it. Make sure you are ready to go by having these essentials packed each day.

First Order Stormtroopers. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (Photo: Disney)

Rides Go Down

A disappointment that can impact your vacation is when rides go down. Disney does a great job at keeping up on the maintenance of their rides; however, sometimes things don’t work.

If this happens during your vacation, try not to let it have a major impact on your trip. Look for other experiences that you can have instead.

When a ride goes down that you have been waiting for, talk to a Cast Member to see your options for getting to ride in the future. Remember, it isn’t their fault it broke down, so be kind.

Rise of the Resistance is the most popular ride in Walt Disney World and does tend to break down rather often. Be prepared by scheduling a few days in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If it is down one day, you will have the opportunity later on your vacation.

No matter how much you plan for your Walt Disney World vacation, unexpected things will impact your vacation. Try not to let them affect your holiday too much as you are still in Walt Disney World, and there is magic to be found all around!

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