Ways Packing for Walt Disney World in 2022 Will Be Different

We are thrilled about all the changes and new experiences coming to Walt Disney World in 2022. From new top notch rides such as Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind to an all new, totally immersive hotel, 2022 in Walt Disney World is going to be fantastic.

If you have a trip planned already for 2022, or you are thinking about planning a trip in 2022 to Walt Disney World, we have a few ways that your Disney packing might need to change moving forward.

We hope this list will help you arrive at Walt Disney World prepared and ready to have a fantastic vacation.

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The first way that Disney packing will be extremely different in 2022 revolves around electronics. With the release of Disney Genie, Guests will rely on their cell phones even more than in previous years.

Genie+, Park admission, mobile ordering, and so much more are access on our cell phones, and if we are caught with a dead battery, it can impact the day in the Theme Park.

credit: amazon

credit: amazon

Don’t let this happen by making sure you pack portable chargers for everyone with a cell phone. Having a portable charger ready to go can take the stress off, knowing that your cell will stay charged, keeping you connected.

Although Walt Disney World does provide fuel rods throughout the Parks and Resorts, these are expensive and can be frustrating trying to find a place to exchange them.

We highly recommend hitting up Amazon ahead of your trip, so you are ready to stay charged.

Another key electronic to have on your packing list is extra cords. When you purchase a portable charger, consider buying some different charging cords for everyone’s phone as well.

It never hurts to have extra cords, so make sure everyone can stay connected.

Finally, as you prepare for 2022, we recommend packing a portable fan. We love the fans that can recharge as well!

With parades and more entertainment coming back, it means you might be standing in the heat more in 2022. Having a fan for some air movement can make a huge difference.

Electronics will be even more important in 2022 at Walt Disney World than any year before. Make sure you are ready by having these essentials on your packing list.


If you are used to taking Magical Express to your Walt Disney World Resort, this will be a big change heading into 2022, and with it, you might need to adjust your packing.

Previously, before shut-down, Magical Express would collect checked luggage for Guests and deliver it to their Walt Disney World Resort.

This hasn’t happened since reopening and now won’t happen in the future as Magical Express will no longer be in operation.

With this change, you might need to figure out the best way to minimize your packing so you can manage it throughout the airport and to your Resort.

We highly recommend thinking about packing cubes as they are a great way to keep your packing organized.

Not only can this help in your overall packing, but with Mousekeeping not servicing rooms every day, packing cubes can also help keep your Resort room organized as well.

When packing for a 2022 Walt Disney World vacation, the organization will be more important than before, so you can get everything in a reasonable amount of suitcases and keep your Resort picked up.

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Health and Safety

Ever since the Parks reopened in 2020, Walt Disney World has been taking great measures to help ensure the health and safety of Guests and Cast Members. This will continue into 2022, but there are some items you can pack to help keep yourself safe as well.

First and foremost, make sure you pack masks for everyone at your travel party. Currently, Walt Disney World requires masks for all Guests over two in all indoor spaces.

This means that Guests will be asked to wear masks on all Disney transportation, Disney Resort, restaurants, ride queues, and shows.

This might be different than where you live, so make sure you are prepared with masks that everyone is comfortable wearing.

You can look for festive ones through Disney or choose disposable ones. Either way, make sure you have enough for your whole Disney vacation, as they will get hot and gross throughout the trip.

Another packing tip we have when it comes to masks are mask chains. These can be extremely helpful since you will be taking your mask on and off throughout Disney Park.

By connecting your mask to one of these chains, you can easily keep track of them without having to find a pocket or a place in your backpack to stash them.

These chains can be extremely helpful when it comes to helping kids keep track of their masks.

credit: insidethemagic

credit: insidethemagic

Although this might not be different for many people, make sure you pack your hand sanitizer and wipes.

Having a stash of both of these throughout your vacation is a great way to keep those hands and services as clean as possible.

As we mentioned earlier, Disney is doing a fantastic job at keeping everything as clean as possible; however, having your own on your backpack or in your Resort room can make you feel that much better.

Walt Disney World is constantly changing, and with that comes adjustments we need to make as we prepare for our Walt Disney World vacations.

We hope this quick review of what to pack in your Disney Park bag for your 2022 vacation will help you be better prepared and ready for the magic.

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