Stay Entertained in Line at Walt Disney World With These Tips

Although ideally we wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time waiting in line at Walt Disney World, we know that some Disney lines are going to be faced.

These lines can be a fun and entertaining experience if you are prepared for them ahead of time.

We have a few ways you can stay entertained in line at Walt Disney World to help you have a magical experience.

Play Disney Parks Mobile App

The first suggestion we are going to make is to download the Play Disney Parks Mobile App.  This app will keep adults and kids busy for a while in long lines.

This is a FREE app that is full of Disney games and trivia that is fun for everyone.

If you activate your Bluetooth and Location service, the games and activities are themed to where you are in the Theme Park.

Families can collect digital badges, play games, and see who is the best at trivia.

Since the app is themed based on where you are in Walt Disney World, it can keep everyone entertained longer because it differs depending on where you are waiting in line.

Check out the free Play Disney Parks Mobile App as one way to stay entertained in line.

Hidden Mickeys

Another fun activity that you can do while waiting in line at a Theme Park is to look for Hidden Mickeys.

Throughout Walt Disney World, Imagineers and other Cast Members have hidden the iconic Mickey (three circles) throughout Walt Disney World.

Although there are apps and books that tell you where to find them, we like to see what we can find on our own as well. We’ll sometimes ask Cast Members where their favorite Hidden Mickeys are.

This is fun for the whole family, so keep those eyes open as you walk through the different parts of the queue.

Credit: Disney

Enjoy the Queue

This might seem silly, but it is a great way to be entertained while standing in line.  The storyline for the rides often starts in the queue area so make sure you take it in while you wait.

Rides such as Expedition Everest, Peter Pan’s Flight, Haunted Mansion, and Avatar Flight of Passage all have outstanding queues.  Disney’s Imagineers truly did a fantastic job transporting Guests into the storyline using the queues.

Don’t miss out on the magic that is in these queues as well.

Play Eye Spy

There is so much to see in Walt Disney World that playing eye spy while waiting in line is a fantastic way to be entertained.

We just mentioned how detailed the queues are for many of the rides and those details make for a fantastic eye spy game.

Take some time to find things and look into the details of the lines, you might be surprised what you find.

Have a Snack Break

This one is always a good choice for little ones, but adults can also often use a pick me up.  Use the time in line to have a snack.

As you are processing this, make sure that you are following Disney’s mask requirements.  Currently, masks aren’t required outdoors, but they are indoors.  Plan your snack breaks accordingly so you don’t break any rules.

Look at Pictures

While you are waiting in line, it is a great time to look through the pictures you have taken while on vacation.

We take so many photos that sometimes we don’t even slow down long enough to enjoy them.

Use the time in line to scan through the photos you took and if you have Memory Maker, to look through those as well.

We love seeing all of our photos, so having some time to look back on them is fun.

Take Pictures

Another fun thing to do in line is to take pictures.  As we have mentioned, there are many hidden details and beautiful theming found in the queues, having some pictures of them can be extra special.

Take pictures of one another as well or ask other Guests to take your photo so you have the moment captured for later.

Play a Disney Game

Although there are some apps that you can get such as Heads Ups or Charades, we also like playing some easy games while in line.

We like games such as “who am I?” or “what ride am I?”.  It is like 20 questions, but we focus on Disney characters or Disney rides.  These are fun and the kids enjoy trying to figure it out.  It also helps them to start to learn the Parks.

Plan Your Next Meal

One of the great features of the My Disney Experience App is Mobile Ordering.  Guests can now order their food right from their smartphones.

We think when you are waiting in line it is a fantastic time to place those Mobile Orders for meals.  Even if they are hours out, it is a great use of time.

Have everyone look at the menus to determine what they want and then get the order placed ahead of time.

By doing this you are locked into a pick up window and don’t have to waste time later on trying to figure out what to eat.

Photo Credit: DisneyParksBlog

Plan Your Next Step

Waiting in line is a great time to discuss your goals for the day.  Use the time in line to think about what you want to do next so you are all on the same page.

We like spending time in line thinking through where we want to go by using Disney Genie and the My Disney Experience App.  These have great features that can help Guests figure out a touring plan.

These are just some ways that you can keep everyone entertained in line at Walt Disney World.  If you have little ones, we also recommend having a toy or small books along with them to help them pass the time.

We hope these tips help you prepare for waiting in what are hopefully short lines in Walt Disney World.

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