Disney World Guests Can Now Eat a Boot

With Earth Day just around the corner, Walt Disney World is preparing celebrations for this special day.

Not only is it a day to raise awareness about protecting our planet, but it’s also Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s birthday. We’d say that gives every right for the Disney Parks to celebrate April 22 in style, right?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened its gates to Guests for the first time on April 22, 1998. It’s a date that would have made any other opening date seem silly, given that it’s the Disney Park that celebrates all things nature and conservation.


Credit: Disney

The Earth Day celebrations are running from April 18 to April 24 this year – maybe it should be known as Earth Week?! This means that Guests have plenty of time to take part in all that there is to celebrate Earth Day at the Walt Disney World Resort. We are most excited about the incredible Disney snacks available during this time.

Here are the Disney treats and special beverages that you’ll want to include in your April Disney vacation. They have been created with some of the world’s most beautiful creatures, and the environments that they call home, in mind.

Eat a Boot

It’s not every day that you get to say you ate a boot, is it? Make this year the first (and maybe the only one?) time you’ll get to say that, whilst at Walt Disney World! 

Apart from it being an ideal size for a toddler, you’d think this Earth Day treat was a real shoe. Not only does it look amazing, but it’ll taste great too, for both the carnivorous and herbivorous Disney Guests. Enjoy a chocolate spice cake, that features coconut ganache, inside of a chocolate boot. This exact replica of the boot featured in Disney Pixar’s Wall-E (2008), is plant-based and even features crumb ‘soil’ and a chocolate shoot. 

Get your chance to enjoy your very own Plant In Boot on April 22, at The Mara in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Be sure to take a trip to this Disney Resort hotel after visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Before leaving, make sure you have stopped by a Disney PhotoPass Cast Member to get a photo with the special magic shot that will be available as part of the Earth Day celebrations.

If you aren’t planning on visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park on Earth Day, make your way to The Mara from Disney Springs or the Walt Disney World Resort hotels using the Disney Transportation System.


Credit: Disney

Feast on a Flamingo

Don’t worry, we don’t mean a real one! Stop by Pizzafari or Flame Tree Barbecue whilst on your Wilderness Explorer challenge, and pick up your very own flamingo cupcake. Celebrate Earth Day with a strawberry cake, filled with sweet strawberry compote, and crowned with a flamingo made of guava frosting. Finished with strawberry crisp pearls and a white-chocolate wing, make sure you get a photo of this Instagram-worthy snack before it’s gone! We’re sure though, that it’ll provide you with the energy you need to earn your limited-edition Nature Badge at Rafiki’s Planet Watch. This pink-lover’s dream of an Earth Day cupcake is available through April 28.

Why not treat yourself to a coffee from Creature Comforts to enjoy with your Flamingo Cupcake? This will make for a wonderful afternoon treat. 


Credit: Disney

A Cupcake Inspired by Bees

Offered at Creature Comforts and Restaurantosaurus in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the Honey Bee Cupcake is a yellow delight. Honey frosting and a white chocolate honeycomb sit atop an orange cake with honey Bavarian filling. Finished with yellow and black crispy balls and cute little honey bees, this will certainly be a pick-me-up to enjoy! 

The Honey Bee Cupcake would make for an ideal breakfast treat along with your morning coffee. Enjoy before a day of adventure at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park.


Credit: Disney

Animal-inspired Drinks

With all of the exploring of Disney’s Animal Kingdom that you’ll be doing, it’s important to stay hydrated. Available through April 28, there are 8 drinks on offer for Guests to sip on and enjoy.

For Guests of all ages to enjoy, the non-alcoholic Earth Day offerings include:

  • Sea Turtle – you could say this is more of a snack than a drink! Blue cotton candy sits on top of layers of frozen blue raspberry and frozen lemonade. Stop by Dino Diner and pick up your helping, after drawing Crush, Squirt, or Bruce from Finding Nemo (2003) at The Animation Experience at Conservation Station.

Credit: Disney

  • Red Crowned Cane – if you enjoy the flavors of frozen Coke and frozen cherry, this is the drink for you. The Red Crowned Cane comes with a crown of pink cotton candy and is available at Isle of Java. 

Credit: Disney

  • Loggerhead – this lime green beverage can be seen from a mile! Enjoy Sprite and Granny Smith apple syrup served over ice, with a gummy worm and sugar lime rim. You’ll also get your very own souvenir glow cube.

Credit: Disney

For Guests who are young at heart, the alcoholic Earth Day offerings include:

  • Lion’s Fury – sip on a bright orange concoction made of Red stag Bourbon Whiskey, Fireball Whiskey Floater, and the Disney specialty of Jungle Juice. This beverage is finished with a fiery glow cube that Guests can take home as a souvenir. Visit Dawa Bar before April 28 to enjoy this showstopper.

Credit: Disney

  • Tiger Tail Pale Ale – feel refreshed from a pale ale featuring passionfruit, strawberry, and grapefruit notes. This beverage celebrates Florida’s tiger swallowtail butterfly and is available at Dawa Bar, Restaurantosaurus Lounge, and Thirsty River Bar.
  • Crave the Wave – whilst the younger Guests enjoy a Sea Turtle, why not treat yourself to one of these. This refreshing aqua drink is made of vodka, blue curaçao, and lemonade, and is served with a lemon wheel. Grab yours at Restaurantosaurus Lounge.

Credit: Disney

  • Kiwi Margarita – this spin on a classic drink is available in Satu’li Canteen. Kiwi Monin syrup is added to lime juice, sour mix, and Tcorazon Tequila Blanco, and served over ice with a kiwi slice.

Credit: Disney

  • Yeti Sunset – why not cheers to Expedition Everest being open once more with this coral-colored beverage? Jack Daniels whiskey is mixed with strawberry Monin and lychee lemonade, over ice, with a lime wedge. Get yours from the Thirsty River Bar.

Credit: Disney

A Garden delight

If you’re not planning on visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom for the Earth Day celebrations, why not stop by the BoardWalk Bakery instead.  Available at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn, the Garden Cupcake is being served from April 18 through April 22. A lemon cupcake is filled with lemon curd filling and topped with a vanilla buttercream garden and white chocolate ladybug. Sounds perfect to us!


Credit: Disney

Not only are you in for a treat with these special Disney dining offerings, but you’ll also be honoring the beautiful features of our planet. However, these Earth Day treats won’t last forever.

So remember to pick up your limited edition Animal Kingdom Earth Day 2022 Disney Trading Pin. This will help you to remember your Earth Day 2022 celebrations for years to come. Stop by merchandise locations in Disney’s Animal Kingdom or Disney Pin Traders in Disney Springs to pick up this collector’s item, featuring Te Fiti from Disney’s Moana (2016).

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