Effective Today Prices Increase at Disney World

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Your trip to Disney World may have just gotten more expensive. But maybe not! Visiting Walt Disney World can cost a pretty penny. Oftentimes, Guests will plan their trips out well in advance to save on tickets, Resort stays and begin creating their itinerary. Disney offers many perks to staying on property and, depending on the time of year you visit, many discounts for your trip.

For Guests who love visiting Disney World at the drop of a hat they’re likely Annual Passholders. An Annual Passholder allows Guests to visit the Parks whenever they like, as often as they’d like through the year pass. Depending on which pass you obtain, Guests may have some restrictions with visiting the Parks. All passes offer perks like 20% off on select dining and merchandise.

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Annual Passes range in price and availability, starting with the Pixie Dust Pass, allowing Guests to visit most weekdays with some blackout dates. The next pass is the Pirate Pass for most days, also including some blackout dates. The Sorcer pass has the same rules but is also available exclusively to Disney Vacation Members. All three passes are only available for Florida Residents.

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For those not residing in Florida, they have the option of the Disney Incredi-Pass, which is the highest pass with no blackout dates. An Annual Pass is a great option for Guests who frequent the Parks and enjoy the magic of Disney.

What’s less magical is the price increase these passes have received, effective today.

Annual Passholder Price Increase

The Annual Pass has increased between $30 and $50 per pass, depending on the pass a Guest purchases. As shown on Scott Gustin’s X account below, all four passes have increased in price.

Though prices have increased, an Annual Pass is still a sensible option for Guests who visit the Parks multiple times a year. It’s also important to note that although these prices increased for Annual Passholders, Disney did not increase pricing on its date-based tickets.

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Although regular tickets did not increase, another increase was made that will affect many Guests. Parking at the Parks has increased from $25 to $30 for the day. While this increase does impact anyone driving to the Parks, Disney offers the tram at all four Parks for assistance in getting to the entrance. Additionally, if spending money on parking is a fee you’d like to expunge, taking the free transportation offered by Disney Resorts is always the perfect route. If you are staying off-property, many Resorts offer free transportation as well, putting some money back in your pocket for your Disney trip.

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