Disney World Firefighter
Credit: Reedy Creek Fire Department/Disney Movie Club

Firefighter Hailed a Hero After Saving Man’s Life at Walt Disney World Resort

We’ve got some amazing news for Disney fans today. A few days ago, on Monday, August 29, a heroic action took place at the Most Magical Place on Earth. The feat occurred at a dining location inside the beloved Theme Parks.

A man enjoying his meal at a restaurant suddenly went into cardiac arrest. Fortunately for him, a local, off-duty firefighter on vacation with his family was dining nearby. Lieutenant Paul Bucher of the Poughkeepsie Fire Department noticed the man clutching his chest.


Credit: Disney Tips

Without even thinking, the first responder heroically came to his aid, rushing over to his table to evaluate the situation. Once there, he concluded that the victim was not breathing and had no pulse.

The firefighter began administering chest compressions after a precordial thump. The potentially life-saving procedure is often used when a defibrillator is not immediately available. The action calls for an administrator to strike at the middle of a person’s sternum with a fist.

Poughkeepsie fire station


While waiting for an AED (Automated external defibrillator) to arrive, Bucher kept assisting the gentleman. In a shocking turn of events, the victim’s pulse returned before the defibrillator even came.

The man started breathing on his own, opening his eyes before EMS (Emergency Medical Services) arrived on the scene. The Reedy Creek Fire team transported the patient out of the Parks. Bucher is being hailed a hero for his quick thinking in coming to the victim’s aid without hesitation!

Reedy Creek Fire Rescue


The Reedy Creek Fire Rescue team commended the brave firefighter in a Facebook post that reads, “Your Poughkeepsie firefighters are always ready to answer the call. Great work, Pauly!” For those who are unaware, Reedy Creek Fire Rescue offers full-service fire and medical services for emergencies at the Walt Disney World Resort.

What an amazing and inspiring story! Hats off to Lieutenant Paul Bucher for his heroic actions!

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