Guest Outraged by Other Guests Still Visiting Disney While Sick

Disney Guests at First aid
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Planning a trip to Disney World can take a lot of time, money, and research to have the most magical trip. Of course, no one plans for illness when visiting “The Most Magical Place On Earth.”

Walt Disney World is deemed magical due to its four Parks, two water Parks, Disney BoardWalk, and Disney Springs area. With so much to do, a trip to Disney can easily take up a week’s vacation. But planning a trip typically requires time to get it all right.

Disney World offers Resorts on property with perks to make your stay as convenient as possible. Staying on property comes with free transportation to all of the Parks and Disney Springs, recreation, and amenities at each Resort Hotel. Depending on which Resort you choose, you may also get early access to the Parks, allowing Guests to enter before the rest of the Guests enter for the day.

Disney Guests

Credit: Disney

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Planning a Trip to Disney World

Typically, if you aren’t an Annual Passholder or a Florida Resident, Guests plan their Disney trip well in advance. Flights alone can become pricey if waiting until the last minute, Resorts can sell out, and dining reservations (if that’s important to your party) may become scarce.

If you’re coming from far away, that means your Disney vacation is booked out months, if not even a year in advance. With that much time, you may have planned down to every last detail of your trip. The itinerary with reservations, attractions, which Parks for which day, and so on could be filled to the brim with fun experiences.

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Only a few things can put a damper on such a trip. The first is the weather, which can never be controlled as much as Guests and Disney may wish it could. But there is nothing better than rolling with the punches and enjoying a little Florida rain. Of course, if it’s anything more serious, Disney often allows Guests to rebook and change their plans due to hurricanes and even Park closures.

Disney Guests

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The second possibility that could ruin a trip is unpredicted sickness. No one goes on a vacation expecting to become ill, but unfortunately, it does happen. Though Disney is magical, it is a public space with people from all over the world visiting. With that can come the passing of sicknesses like the common cold or worse.

One Guest took to social media to pose the question of why visit a Disney Park if you or your child is sick?

Sick at Disney World

They shared their experience, stating, “Yesterday, on separate occasions, one family was next to us during a show and talking to us. One says oh yeah, I’ve been terribly sick this trip. Then they proceed to cough directly in our faces. Then, while waiting for another show, a different person proceeded to cough and blow their nose directly on the back of my head for about 30 minutes straight.”

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Previous Cast Members chimed in in the comment section, adding that they were too often sick from Guests attending the Park with illnesses. One wrote, “Former CM here, I was sick constantly my entire time working there because of the amount of people that would expose me to their illness.

Disney Guests at First aid

Credit: Disney

They also noted that travel insurance has increased in recent years, and this is possibly a part of it. After the COVID-19 pandemic, traveling has changed, and doing so while sick is not encouraged. Another fan commented, “My only advice is to shower at the end of every day, wash hands as often as possible, and use hand sanitizer after every ride.” Though precautions certainly help, they may not prevent you from bringing home an unwanted sickness.

Additionally, Disney offers services if you find that you or someone in your group falls ill while visiting. “AdventHealth is the official health care provider at Walt Disney World Resort, offering a network of services to Guests—including urgent care, doctor visits, prescription delivery, equipment delivery, and more,” Disney writes.

As a Disney Guest, we all know and understand how expensive it can cost to visit the Parks and plan a trip, especially for an entire family. What’s more, it may be disappointing to cancel it due to an unforeseen sickness. But taking care of yourself or your child’s health is always the most important, and Disney will still be waiting with open arms when you are ready to visit.

Have you ever had to reschedule a Disney trip?

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