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Happy Two Month Birthday Mylo

Whenever there’s a story about baby animals at Walt Disney World, it is sure to make you smile. Dr. Mark Penning shared on Instagram more info about the two month (and a day) birthday of the baby white rhino named Milo. He was born on September 8th at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. He is growing fast as he is now 288 lb and gained almost 100 lb in one month. Here is what he shared on his Instagram.

Credit: Dr. Mark Penning

We’re “crashing” your feed to celebrate the two-month birthday of baby white rhino with a name update. Everyone … meet Mylo, born on Sept. 8!

Mylo now weighs 288lbs — he’s gained 100 pounds in just one month! He’s still backstage bonding with his mom and learning important rhino activities, like wallowing. He’s amazing at covering his whole body in mud! We can’t wait to keep watching him grow.

You can visit the rest of the white rhinos, including Mylo’s half-brother Ranger, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. And stay tuned for more updates coming soon on the newest rhino calf, born last week.


Credit: Dr. Mark Penning

We’re hoping to be able to visit Milo soon. There have been multiple white rhinos born at Walt Disney World, and knowing Disney, they are getting the best care possible. Disney Conservation not only protects the animals at Walt Disney World but helps those out in the wild as well. You can learn more about that here.


Disney Conservation is committed to saving wildlife and building a global community inspired to protect the magic of nature together. Since 1995, the Disney Conservation Fund has directed $100 million to support nonprofit organizations working with communities to save wildlife, inspire action and protect the planet. Disney Conservation Team Wildlife leads best-in-class scientific programs to conserve wildlife in Disney’s backyard and beyond, connects people to build a network for nature, and cares for the planet through everyday actions.

Credit: Dr. Mark Penning

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