Have You Tried These Unusual Soups at Disney World?

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When someone says “soup” what do you think of first? For some, it may be conventional chicken soup. Others may readily think of tomato soup to pair with a nice grilled cheese sandwich. Then there are some who dream about all the different renditions of traditional French onion soup out there. Chowders and bisques also fall into the category of what’s considered a soup, as do certain stews and other brothy bounties.

While all of these are rather conventional concepts about soup in general, it cannot be denied that soup is one of the most versatile food offerings and comes with so many diverse possibilities. And it is already well-known that the Walt Disney World food scene is laden with many unique and versatile options. Therefore, the idea that you can find a vast array of soup selections that are rare and unusual at Disney World should not be surprising. Here are a few examples of the most uniquely unusual soups to try at Disney World.

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Wild Mushroom Bisque

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Lodge has long loved serving mushroom soup specialties that exceed all other more conventional presentations. It’s been a tradition that even predates the revamping of Artist Point into the beloved Snow White Character Meal via Storybook Dining. And continuing on with the method of custom crafting the fantastic out of the fungal is their highly raved-about Wild Mushroom Bisque appetizer. The consistency of this soup is so rich, creamy, and thick, and the flavor is so robust. Adorning each soup presentation (which comes served in themed black cauldrons, no less) are pieces of crispy fried mushroom and a drizzling of olive oil.

Wild Mushroom Bisque

Credit: DVC Fan

Seafood Coconut-Curry Soup

Kona Café’, on location at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, is one of the best table-service restaurants for delving into new and exotic eats while remaining in comfortable palate-pleasing territory that doesn’t altogether overwhelm less adventurous diners. And if you love seafood soups and stocks in particular, here’s a flavorful featured dinnertime appetizer to try out. It’s their Seafood Coconut-Curry Soup—the perfect blend of exotic spicy flavors and hearty seafood. The smooth texture of the broth is balanced perfectly with the meaty chunks of shrimp, scallops, and crab that comprise the bowl, and the flavorful compromise between spice and robust fillings does wonders for the taste buds.

Seafood Coconut-Curry Soup at Kona

Credit: Resorts Gal

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Roasted Squash and Apple Soup

Over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios sits that well-known establishment that so many seek out—the Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant. Modeled after the original establishment of the same name based in Hollywood, California, you will find many unique menu offerings featured here. And one of their most favored soups fitting the bill rightfully is none other than their Roasted Squash and Apple Soup. A plant-based offering, this tantalizing culmination blends sweetness and spice into something truly marvelous. It features Thai curry, farro granola, maple gastrique, and the more obvious ingredients of squash and apple.

Squash and Apple Soup at Hollywood Brown Derby

Credit: Disney Daily Dime

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Sweet Corn Bisque

There are many great reasons for having dinner at the Mary Poppins Returns-themed Cítricos, onsite at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. But one first-course soup option on the menu can only be described as practically perfect in every way. It’s the Sweet Corn Bisque, providing the ultimate supercalifragilisticexpialidocious satisfaction to both traditional creamed corn fans and popcorn lovers alike. Here you get a compilation of sweet corny broth over fennel, popcorn (yes, actual popcorn), and flavorful dill in a well-balanced ensemble beyond compare.

Citrico's Sweet Corn Bisque

Credit: Brooke Fehr

Strawberry Soup

Once upon a time, 1900 Park Fare, also on location at Disney’s Grand Floridian, was a bustling buffet favorite to so many. And one of their most notable signature staples was none other than their strawberry soup. Served chilled, it was a creamy concoction of fresh and frozen strawberries and was more dessert than entrée (although you could eat limited bowls of such as your main meal if you so chose to do so). Now that the buffet remains closed indefinitely, Many Disney fans lament not being able to satisfy their Strawberry Soup hankering. However, if you dine at the Grand Floridian Café, you may still request a bowl of Strawberry Soup, even though it is not listed on the menu.

Strawberry Soup from Grand Floridian

Credit: The Recipes of Disney

Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup

Over in EPCOT, Le Cellier Steakhouse remains a highly hailed World Showcase fan-favorite. On location of the Canada Pavilion, it’s here that you can enjoy a pleasing array of unique menu callouts that go above and beyond the redundant renderings that most other steakhouses are renowned for. In fact, even those who aren’t great steak lovers will find many enticing alternatives to enjoy while dining here. And on that note, it’s worth mentioning that one of their most popular appetizers is by no means “steaky” but altogether cheesy. I’m referring to none other than that Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup you have undoubtedly heard of by now. More than just a thick, rich, creamy cheese-textured consistency, the flavors are both accented and intensified by the additions of Moosehead Pale Ale and Nueke’s apple-smoked bacon.

Canadian Cheddar Soup at Le Cellier

Credit Disney

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Addie Mae’s Chicken & Dumpling Soup

Many would agree that Chef Art Smith’s Homecookin’ dominates the scene of Disney Springs where southern-inspired home-cooked comforts with a twist are concerned. Even those well-known traditional favorites get an amplified overlay here, thanks to the master chef’s own personal customization. So, when you see a menu listing for something seemingly more conventional, like a chicken and dumplings soup combo, you already know by Chef Art’s proceeding reputation that it will be something unique. Here you have Chef Art’s own house-made dumplings, which stand out in their own right, perfectly synchronized in a mixture of chicken bits and fresh vegetables.

Another unique feature of Chef Art, which is worthy of an ovation, is his Brunswick Stew. Here you have a savory tomato broth, flavorfully blended together with slow-cooked pulled pork, chicken, peas, corn, lima beans, and fresh herbs. Artisanal toast comes served on the side.

Soup and Stew Features at Chef Art Smith's

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Soul Soup

It’s no secret that a hearty serving of soup does the soul good. And when the selections are on as roving a basis as a roving Irish sailor, you have plenty of delicious presentations to look forward to. And that is precisely the case where Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant in Disney Springs is concerned. Their featured “Soul Soup” listing is more or less their soup of the day feature. And when you look at all the highlighted hits showcased most frequently, you’ll find that each selection offers a unique culmination. Some of their most beloved standout selections include their Colcannon Soup of mashed potato and kale, their Prawn Bisque seafood specialty, and the highly praised Tomato Bisque with a Touch of Gin.

Raglan Road Featured Soup

Credit: WDW Vacation Tips

Boma’s Buffet of Soup Selections

One of the most profuse buffet offerings in Walt Disney World Resort can be found on location at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. It is none other than Boma. To say it’s big would be a vast understatement. In short, it is enormous, as is the impressive selection of the different food combinations to take to here. Among those different food combinations is their featured bounty of diverse soups, all presenting rare and unique treats to those fortunate enough to taste them. While not all selections may be available at all times, the most contested fan favorites include Chicken Corn Chowder, Mulligatawny, Coconut Chicken Curry Soup, Curried Coconut Seafood Stew, Moroccan Harira, Butternut Squash Soup, Carrot Ginger Soup, Seafood Gumbo, and the oddly unique Ghanian Oxtail Stew. A medley of other options also garner great acclaim, but these are the top picks with most folks.

Boma Soup Buffet Setup and a Bowl of Butternut Squash Soup

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There are, of course, so many other savory soup selections to enjoy all throughout Disney World in addition to all those highlighted here. We’ve also seen many novelties come and go through the years or only make limited-time presentations. But with Disney’s known reputation for bringing forth innovative new options to the food scene, it leaves us all with an exciting notion and yearning for what may next come about.

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