Heat Advisory Makes Visiting Disney World Dangerous

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Disney World is heating up, literally! Orlando, Florida, is facing record-high heat this week, raising some concerns about visiting “The Most Magical Place On Earth”. Disney World is in Central Florida, where the weather is warm nearly year-round. During the summer, humidity is rising, making mid-day a tough time to be outside and enjoy the Florida sun.

Disney World is a popular vacation spot, always, but the summers are a great time for family vacations. Children are off from school, and August is the last hoorah before the school year begins again. This week, beginning with Monday, Orlando set a heat advisory, which has only worsened. With record-high heat, visiting Disney World this August may be unsafe.

High Temperatures at Disney World

An excessive heat warning was set for Orlando, Florida, which expired yesterday, Thursday, August 10, at 7 p.m. The advisory means temperatures feel like they are 110 degrees or higher. According to Click Orlando, “The record high on this date in Orlando is 98, set in 1963.” So what does that mean for Walt Disney World? For starters, “The heat in Orlando should not be taken lightly, and Guests are warned to remain indoors or at least remain hydrated throughout their time in any of the Disney World Resort Parks,” as Inside the Magic explained.

A lot goes into planning a Disney vacation, so it’s not a trip a Disney fan would call off lightly. With that said, there are important factors to consider if you are visiting Disney World during a heat advisory or a super hot summer day. Staying hydrated is important year-round when walking around the Parks. Disney must clearly agree with free water stations all over the Parks to give ice-cold water access to all Guests. Disney also offers water fountains and water bottle refill stations throughout the Parks for easy convenience.

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Additionally, finding reprieve in the air conditioning is helpful during the peak hours of heat. Depending on which Park you are visiting, book your lunch reservation around the heat or Genie+ passes to stay cool at an attraction. Furthermore, dressing the part is another thought not to forget. Wearing clothes that are breathable and even adding a portable fan to your backpack is a useful tips to stay cool while you are walking around.

Disney World has a Weather Updates & Information page you can always check in with if there are concerning conditions that may cause you to cancel your trip. If you have flexibility in your visit, and changing Park reservations allow it, visiting Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon is another great option to escape the heat. The water Park has plenty to do while staying cool during the Florida heat, just don’t forget to bring your sunblock!

Typhoon Lagoon

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What’s your best tip for a hot Disney World trip?

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