Here’s How You Can Still Ride Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain is officially closed at the Walt Disney World Resort to prepare for the future of Frontierland, with Tiana’s Bayou Adventure replacing the attraction in 2024. At the Disneyland Resort, a similar refurbishment is in the works; however, no closing date has been announced for the West Coast version of Splash Mountain so far.

The classic attraction has been a part of Disneyland Park since 1989, and Walt Disney World since 1992, and as such, it has become a memorable part of a Disney vacation for many fans, even with its connection to a controversial film. But what if we told you there is still one way to ride the attraction, even after Disneyland’s version closes?

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Splash Mountain might be on its way out here in the states, but the attraction does not seem to be going anywhere at Tokyo Disney Resort. If a trip to Japan is in your future, you should still be able to experience the attraction in Westernland at Tokyo Disneyland.

While the ride is changing over to bring The Princess and the Frog (2009) to both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom, Disney has not announced anything in the way of similar updates to the ride at Tokyo Disneyland.

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A report from 2020 indicates that the Oriental Land Company (which operates Tokyo Disney Resort) had discussed the changes coming to Splash Mountain in the U.S. and may be considering making changes to the remaining original attraction; however, no recent news has come out of the company on this matter.

With Tiana’s Bayou Adventure also set to open at Disneyland Park in 2024, we can only assume that Anaheim’s Splash Mountain attraction will close sometime this year so work can begin on the new overlay.

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We will continue to monitor changes to Splash Mountain at Disneyland and will report back if we learn more about any possible impacts on the attraction in Tokyo.

For now, if your next trip to a Disney Park will not come until later this year, you may want to consider heading to Tokyo Disneyland for one last Splash.

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