Disney and Amazon Join Together to Create New Disney Magic

Magic is at the forefront of the Disney experience, whether it be in the Disney Parks, whilst watching Disney+, staying in a Disney Resort hotel or cruising with Disney Cruise Line. Cast Members also play a huge part in creating a magical experience for all Guests. But just when you wondered how Disney could possibly get any more magical, the Disney D23 Expo tells us what is coming next…

The Walt Disney Company are teaming up with Amazon to use Alexa Technology, making it possible for Guests to interact with Disney characters and enjoy Disney experiences in a brand new way.

Alexa is a cloud-based voice system that was launched by Amazon in 2014. The virtual assistant technology makes it easy to set alarms and timers, listen to the radio and music, switch lights on and off, and many other things around the home, all by starting an instruction with “Hey Alexa!”. An Amazon echo device makes all of this possible; multiple echo devices can provide easy access to the Alexa technology when in different rooms of your house.


Credit: Disney

Imagine being able to say “Hey Disney!” rather than “Hey Alexa!”. Guests will be able to do just that, allowing for new magical experiences with Disney characters, in Disney Resorts and even in their own home. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? What’s even better, is that The Walt Disney Company have confirmed that Hey Disney! will continue to grow, offering new experiences and characters over time.


Credit: Disney

Hey Disney! will launch with characters such as Olaf from Frozen (2013), C3PO from the Star Wars franchise, and Tiana from The Princess and the Frog (2009). Mirabel from the Walt Disney Animation Studio’s Encanto (2021) will also be added to the roster, and will be voiced by Stephanie Beatriz, famous for also voicing the character in the Disney+ released animated musical that was a hit with Disney fans from around the world.


Credit: Disney

The Hey Disney! feature will be offered to Disney Resort hotel Guests at Walt Disney World and Disneyland in 2022. The optional complimentary feature will be a new Guest perk that will coincide with the Walt Disney World Resort 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Which character would you love to interact with using Hey Disney! voice assistant? We can’t wait to see what this will bring to the Disney Parks and Resorts, and to our own homes too!


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