How to Show Walt Disney World Cast Members Appreciation

Cast Members are a crucial part of the Disney experience for all Guests. From simple interactions like greeting Guests to making magical moments or providing assistance, Cast Members can really take a Guest’s Disney vacation to the next level. But how do you thank a Cast Member?

Showing your appreciation for a Disney Cast Member is known as a Cast Compliment. Not only is it a way of showing your appreciation for the work that they do, but it goes a long way in showing recognition in The Walt Disney Company. Receiving recognition from Guests can be considered when it comes to promotions for Cast Members. 


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For many Guests, they would think to show their appreciation by tipping. However, they may not realize that only Cast Members who are in tipped positions can actually receive tips. Cast Members occupying tipped positions generally earn a small amount per hour, i.e. less than $4. Because of this, they are allowed to accept tips. Most of the Cast Members that Guests will come into contact with who can accept tips are Full-Service Dining Cast Members.

For Cast Members in other roles, they may occasionally find themselves being offered a tip by a Guest. Cast Members have to refuse to receive a tip, whether it be in monetary form or in the form of a gift, three times. If a Guest insists that the Cast Member receives the tip after the third time of declining, they can accept the tip, but then it must be turned in to their manager.

So you may be wondering how you can give recognition to other Cast Members who can’t receive tips.

Giving a Cast Compliment

Previously, Cast Compliments required Guests to visit Guest Services and ask for a Great Service Fanatic Card to complete. Nowadays, when visiting the Walt Disney World Resort, it’s really easy to give Cast Members appreciation. The Cast Compliment feature on the Walt Disney World app launched in October 2021. Not only is it at your fingertips, but it stops you from having to wait in line at Guest Relations and also allows you to compliment individual Cast Members throughout your Walt Disney World vacation.

Using the Walt Disney World App, Guests can find ‘Cast Compliment’ by:

  1. opening the Walt Disney World App
  2. Clicking on the 3 lines at the bottom right of the screen
  3. Scrolling down until you get the list of options, beginning with ‘My Profile’
  4. clicking on Cast Compliment

Following these instructions will display the ‘Mobile Cast Compliment’ screen. Guests are asked to enter the reason why they are sending magic to a Disney Cast Member, followed by the location. Both boxes use a drop-down menu. There is also an ‘optional’ section to fill in, where Guests can enter the Cast Member’s first name, hometown listed on their Name Tag, and date of interaction. Once completed, Guests select ‘submit,’ and their Cast Compliment will be sent through to the relevant department of The Walt Disney Company. 

Cast Member Appreciation

Credit: Disney

Disney Parks have recognized the success of the Cast Compliment feature on the Walt Disney World app. In April 2022, just 6 months after its launch, a milestone of 100,000 mobile compliments was reached. Disney Parks marked this huge achievement by surprising the Housekeeping Cast members who received the 100,000th Cast Compliment and presenting them with a special certificate.

Why would you give a Cast Compliment?

So why would you give a Cast Compliment? Let us inspire you by letting you know some of the experiences between Cast Members and Guests that have made a difference in Disney vacations:

  • Housekeeping – when staying in a Disney Resort, housekeeping Cast Members are known as ‘Mousekeepers.’ They can accept tips; $1 per Guest per day is an ideal amount. But some Mousekeepers go above and beyond, such as leaving displays in your Resort room window or leaving towel art on the bed. It’s a good idea to check outside of your Guest room in the morning to see if you can spot the Mousekeeper that may be taking care of your Guest room so that you can give a Cast Compliment for outstanding service.

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  • Lifeguards – are the Cast Members that ensure Guest safety at the Disney Resort hotel pools and in the Disney water parks. You may get to know a particular lifeguard well from visiting your Disney Resort pool throughout your vacation. A Cast Compliment for your lifeguard friend is a great way to show your appreciation.
  • Parking attendants – is there a Cast Member that has gone above and beyond when you are parking at a Disney theme park? If so, they make sure to submit a Cast Compliment for them.
  • Merchandise Cast Members – they’re the Cast Members who’ll make sure your Disney shopping experience is a positive one. Have they wrapped something really well, told you about offers to take advantage of, or found an item in the stockroom for you? If so, make a mental note of their name and location so your Cast Compliment goes straight to them.

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  • Bus drivers – help you get to the Disney Parks and Resort safely. If a Disney bus driver has given you some directions to make your Disney day a little easier or help you and your party get on and off the bus, why not show them a little recognition by a Cast Compliment?
  • Security Guards – they ensure our safety in the Disney Parks but have also been known to collect autographs of little princes and princesses or tell a little joke whilst checking your bag. If they’ve made magic for you before you’ve entered the Disney theme park, then leave a Cast Compliment for them to show your appreciation. They certainly help to make the safety bits way more magical!
  • Attraction Cast Members – whilst your interactions with these Cast Members may be short, as you enter an attraction line or load on and off a ride, they may go above and beyond with their instructions or help with your bags. Their job can be pretty stressful too, so if they’re still going above and beyond despite the pressures of the attraction they’re working on, then give them the recognition they deserve.
  • Parade Cast Members – have you ever been entertained by a Cast Member who’s loving life whilst you wait for the Festival of Fantasy Parade in Magic Kingdom to begin? Or maybe there’s a Cast Member who’s found the perfect spot for you to see Harmonious in EPCOT or Disney Enchantment in Magic Kingdom? Be sure to send a Cast Compliment to them!
  • Character Attendants – they’re the Cast Members who help with your character interactions, provide information about Character breaks, and can create their own magical moments. You’ll know them by their blue costume. Take their name and location, and pass on your appreciation if they’ve added some magic to your day!
  • Main Entrance Cast Members – whilst you may only have a short interaction with these Cast Members as you are scanning your Disney Park Tickets or Magic Band, if they’ve created magic by helping you out, giving advice, or generally been really enthusiastic, then they’ll be really grateful of your recognition.
  • Custodial Cast Members – nobody likes litter, dirty restrooms, or full trash cans, and the Custodial Cast Members do a truly awesome job of making sure that Guests don’t have to deal with these things during their Walt Disney World Resort vacation. You may even find them creating magic with their sweepers; you may see truly unique Hidden Mickeys around the Disney Parks! If they’ve helped you out in any way, you should definitely say thank you by submitting a Cast Compliment.

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  • Dining Cast Members – whilst you can tip full-service Cast Members, those working in quick-service locations can’t accept tips. Regardless of which location they work at, dining Cast Members can create magic in many ways: helping to celebrate a special day, upgrading a snack, or even replacing a snack that’s fallen on the floor. Send a Cast Compliment when you come across an awesome dining Cast Member.
  • Guest Relations – many Guests may not have any reason to visit Guest Services. However, if you do, and you receive outstanding service, then be sure to show your appreciation. They’re the Cast Members in the plaid waistcoats in case you need help spotting them!
Cast Member Appreciation

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  • Recreation Cast Members – you’ll find these Cast Members at Surrey Bike Rental stations, loading slides in the Disney water parks, hosting campfires, and providing poolside entertainment at the Disney Resorts. You may get to know some of these Cast Members really well during your Disney vacation. Make sure to show your appreciation by filling out a Cast Compliment before your Disney vacation ends.
  • Front Desk Cast Members – whilst Guests can now complete Resort check-in via the Walt Disney World app, there are still Front Desk Cast Members who can assist you during your Disney vacation. From sorting room issues to providing Resort information, making advanced dining reservations, and much more, if you’ve had a positive experience, thank them with a Cast Compliment.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to show your appreciation to Cast Members on your future Disney vacations. If you haven’t yet got the Walt Disney World app, be sure to download it before your next visit to the Walt Disney World Resort, so you’re ready to give those Cast Compliments! Remember that you can also visit Guest Relations and fill out a Great Service Fanatic Card.

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