How to Save Almost 50% Off This Disney World Must-Have

A trip to Walt Disney World is made even easier when you come prepared with everything you’ll need to make the most of your stay. These items can vary from Guest to Guest, but we generally recommend at least packing sunscreen, rain gear, and of course, comfortable shoes.

If you forget any of these necessities during your Disney vacation, many stores around property will sell whatever you need, from toiletries to medication and even camera memory cards and phone chargers. There is one item, though, that can really make or break your vacation, and it’s half-priced online compared to what you’ll see in the Parks…

Guests on their cell phone in the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney WOrld

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FuelRods at Walt Disney World

…It’s FuelRods! These portable phone chargers are a great purchase in a pinch when you find your phone battery dwindling, but you still need it to make those mobile orders and Disney Genie+ selections at Walt Disney World. FuelRods are especially convenient compared to other portable chargers because instead of recharging them, you can swap them out at kiosks located around the Resort and in select locations in the “real world” (primarily at airports and in large cities.)

At Disney Parks and Resorts, these handy little “souvenirs” will run you $30 apiece. Thankfully, swaps are free at Disney World. (The same cannot be said for airports and other locations across the country. Swapping FuelRods at most kiosks now costs about $3.)

What if we told you there was a way to purchase two FuelRods for the price of one? Here’s what you need to do before your next Disney trip.

FuelRod Kiosk Disney

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Instead of buying your FuelRod at Walt Disney World, you can get TWO FuelRods in advance of your trip on Amazon for just $34.95. That’s right, for almost the price of just one FuelRod in the Parks, you can order two right from the comfort of home.

It doesn’t matter where you purchase your first FuelRod as they can be swapped out at any kiosk regardless of where it came from, so you might as well save some money (or move those savings toward your Disney snack budget!) instead of paying just as much for one FuelRod in the Parks.


Credit: Disney

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A final note as you begin planning your next Disney trip with this two-for-one FuelRod deal: When you swap out FuelRods at the kiosks, you only receive a new FuelRod itself, not the cords. As such, whether you purchase a FuelRod in the Parks or on Amazon, be sure to bring your cords with you.

New FuelRods will come with cords, but they are, more often than not, not the best quality. Whatever you are already using to charge your phone will probably work better, so we recommend using that instead.

We hope this helps you save some cash for your next Disney trip (and keep your phone charged!)

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