5 Common Disney World Problems (and Solutions)

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Everyone likes to imagine their vacation to Walt Disney World will be an endless holiday filled with happiness, magic, and pixie dust. But reality does show up sooner or later, and so do a few all-too-common problems. Knowing what problems may arise and having a few solutions up your sleeve may help ease the tension and frustrations. Here are the top 5 most common issues you may experience during your Disney World Vacation.

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When it Rains, it Pours

Let’s start with one of the most likely scenarios you will experience in Central Florida: rain. You may luck out a day here or there and have a dry time at the Park of your choice. However, if you stay in Orlando for a week, you can guarantee a few days of wet weather. The rainstorms will likely pop up suddenly, and you will always want to have items to help battle the elements.


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The best solution is to be prepared. Having a poncho, umbrella, or rain jacket on you or in your bag when you enter the Park will save you a lot of hassle later in the day. Aside from keeping you dry, it will also keep you from getting sucked into buying Disney-branded raingear that will undoubtedly be over-priced.

You might also encounter the problem of wet shoes and socks, so consider bringing extra shoes or sandals.

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Sore Feet For Days

Speaking of shoes, a significant issue people often face when visiting the parks is sore feet. This can usually be caused by the large amount of walking and poor footwear.

To help prevent this problem, make sure you have extra pairs of shoes to switch out and medicine for blisters. It’s also important to take breaks as needed and even give your feet the relaxation they need when not at the parks.


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This issue may sound strange after listing rainstorms as a concern as well. But then again, we aren’t drinking rainwater from puddles in the parks, are we? In fact, the rain may cause people to think they’re not as dehydrated as they really are. It’s often easy to forget to drink water throughout the way when spending so much time enjoying the rides and attractions the theme parks have to offer.

Complimentary Water Clips

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Some of the best ways to prevent this are to bring your own refillable water bottle into the parks or even invest in a few hydration packets to help build electrolytes back up. If nothing else, multiple drink carts and restaurants are always on the property to quickly refresh and rehydrate.

Dying (or Dead) Devices

One of the newest Disney World problems in recent years has been the battery life of cell phones. This is mostly due to Guests having to constantly use their smartphones to reserve dining, make Lightning Lane selections, check wait times, and even contact one another as parties separate.

FuelRod Kiosk Disney

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Two main options for helping solve this problem are bringing portable batteries from home or purchasing FuelRods at the parks. Both options will cost some money, but you can find more economical alternatives on Amazon than at a Disney location. And, of course, make sure you recharge your batteries at night so everything is 100% ready to go in the morning.

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Family Fights

One of the secrets about a Disney World Vacation that no one talks about is how often families may fight throughout. Family members will argue over what ride to go on next, how much time or money to spend, or they may simply get on each other nerves because of the heat, hunger, stress, and exhaustion that can come with the trip itself.


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If you are in a family disagreement, the best advice is to take a moment and step back. Everyone has their limits. This is why it’s essential also to spend some time away from the parks and relax at the Resort or a pool. Taking a break from the stress of a theme Park can work wonders on everyone’s psyche.

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Keeping these five common issues (and their solutions) in mind can hopefully reduce the stress associated with a Disney World Vacation.

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