Incident at Disney Leaves Guest in Handcuffs

Sleeping Beauty Castle
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Disney is a magical place. But what makes your experience so memorable is all thanks to plenty of people behind the scenes. Imagineers create attractions that become staples to the Parks, all while Cast Members run those very Parks as smoothly as possible. At Disneyland Parks as well as Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios, Cast Members are at the very core of the Park flow. With their assistance, Guests have some of the best experiences they will remember for a lifetime at Disney Park.

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As fun as the job as a Cast Member can be, as often portrayed on Disney Parks Blog, sometimes Cast Members have to assist with issues. Recently, it seems like Guest issues have been on the rise in the Parks, making Cast Members unsung heroes with the work that they do. Previously, we reported an unfortunate story a family endured while visiting Disneyland, but how a magical Cast Member not only saved their trip but made it a very memorable one. Unfortunately, this story didn’t end with the same happy tune.

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Guest Handcuffed at Disneyland

Inside the Magic reported the story first of a Guest’s experience that was shocking he had witnessed in Disneyland. The horse-drawn street car was approaching to stop in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle when another Guest stood still in the pathway. The Cast Member leading the way politely asked the Guest to move, which he decided to disregard. The Guest proceeded to stand in the way as the car had come to a halt. “The most entitled thing I’ve ever heard from a Guest came out of his mouth: ‘Just go around me!’” Inside the Magic reported.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

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In a horse-drawn carriage, it’s clear who has the right of way, yet the Guest still refused to move. Although the Cast Member continuously asked for the safety of all Guests in the area as well as the horse, this Guest proceeded to get angrier by the question. What seemed to be an easy task, now began to escalate with other Guests witnessing. The Guest reporting the situation wrote,

This exchange went on for like, 2 solid minutes, wherein the guest was getting more belligerent. Eventually his wife and kids appear and lend backup to his noble cause.

Very shortly after the screeching and cursing was at its peak, security and Anaheim PD showed to drag him off the tracks. A manager appeared and they escorted guy in handcuffs (et al) to a backstage entrance to presumably drop the Disney Ban-hammer.

Horse drawn carriage Disneyland

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It certainly sounds like a crazy experience to watch, but even more so to endure over not moving out of the way. There was no follow-up on what did happen to the Guest after being escorted to the back in handcuffs. One thing Disney does not take lightly is disrespecting the rules and regulations set in place or, by any means disrespecting their Cast Members.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve witnessed in a Disney Park?

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